That Checks Out

That Checks Out

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Without further ado, we love us some Teacher Vodka & Getting Clapped

The guys discuss how to enjoy a meal on an unstable surface, when violating a statue makes you fertile, and why a brown notebook can literally halt the waffle distribution in Tennessee.  

Bonus Episode* Thermostat Guarding and A New Balance of Power

The guys discuss how the calendar can dictate entertainment, why it’s important to jump ahead almost an hour today, and when you realize you’ve been had knowing you sometimes just gotta sing along.  

Episode 200!!! "Speed Hating vegans..."

The guys discuss how smoking in birdcages is next to impossible yet eating a sandwich is not, why being a healthy Frolfer makes you way more popular during wedding season, and when removing your wide-brimmed hat assures you a free fifty pound Tarpon. 

Family Nudist Camps, Meat Naps, & Deceased and Assist

The guys discuss how Damon’s saved soul qualifies him as a hero, when “six to a stick” is the only acceptable measurement for a green coaster on your table, and why turtle tunnels are essential in preventing train derailment.   

Deceased & Assist, Tobacco & Leather, and Hotbedding

The discuss how flexible scheduling only guarantees frustration and not employment, why they will never put ATMs in funeral homes,  and when a dog tossed over the fence to a polar bear will definitely be be caught with left hand and get you free admission.