That Checks Out

That Checks Out

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Closet Stories and The Coffin Confessor

The guys discuss how Damon is far less than 1/3 of an elite athlete, challenge the likelihood of Ted eating cookies, and then discover the best part of waking up needs Bluetooth to your snapchat: TCODamonTed ...  Show more

Microwave PTSD and Catfish Daaaayzzz!!!

The guys locate Jefferson Street using only trees, give a round of applause to parking lot relations, and determine when  Jazz can save your snapchat: TCODamonTed ...  Show more

Porch Cake and A Banzai Parachute

The guys discuss the importance of using skilled tradesmen when assembling a bed, create a new nickname for Mac that he absolutely hates, and discover the true weakness of any attorney is not knowing martial snapchat: TCODamonTed instagra ...  Show more

The Gator Golfer and an Amish DUI

The guys discuss why the second "hungry" was added to Hungry Hungry Hippos, the heaviest workforce of any company in existence, and how Microsoft was almost owned by a guy named snapchat: TCODamonTed faceboo ...  Show more

Desk Snackin' and A Husky Italian Backpack

The guys discuss an infinity pool escape artist, the world's most disturbing doggy snuggling, and how a cartoon from the 80s will eliminate any possibility of a second snapchat: TCODamonTed ...  Show more