That Checks Out

That Checks Out

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Wizard Runs and The Shatgun Seat

The guys discuss when is the exact best time to "special order" your laundry, why tactical pants just never seem to live up to their name, and how no survey is ever accurate unless you talk you 100% of the ...  Show more

Three Paws and Some Claws

The guys discuss when an empty driveway can give you extreme HOCO sign confidence, why a free fritter for one cannot legally influence the dinner plans of many, and how ordering your breakfast skillet with onions can eliminate any possibility of having to share with a giraffe.  

Horse Hoovers & Beer(d) Wasting

The guys discuss when your calendar can get you disqualified from the Olympics, why "dress casual" is the new norm for dumpster diving, and how the song Enter Sandman was actually inspired by ...  Show more

HoBo Jackson's Tomato Forward Tacos

The guys discuss why having lunch ready on Mars is so imperative, how Faco Fridays is going to become the new staple in the restaurant world, and when AI gets thwarted by a room full of "human lickers." ...  Show more

Unimpressed Squirrels, Bird Bangin', and Bum Tums

The guys discuss how a three year nap can get you out of taking the trash out, when the possibility of nudity justifies a total reconfiguration of a mass transit system, and what exactly is the current street value of a swaddled cat as it pertains to vacation destinations.instagr ...  Show more