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Episode 9 — Returning to the Old Gym, 75 years later

We're gonna start doing more Weird Creighton History episodes that bring in folks besides just Micah and Rick. No offense to them, but c'mon, they're not the only two people in the world, and they should stop acting like they are. For this episode, Micah interviewed Doug Ryan as ...  Show more

Episode 8 — The bomb, the boss and the Jesuit

The story of Creighton's Jesuit astronomer Fr. William Rigge, SJ, who — in 1910 and 1911 — became one of the first expert witnesses in an American criminal trial. Using a shadow in a photograph, Fr. Rigge helped an Omaha attorney (and Creighton parent) exonerate a man charged wit ...  Show more

Episode 7 — Creighton's 2023 anniversaries (Part 3)

Aaand ... here's the third and final part in our series of episodes on 2023 anniversaries. This one covers 1983 to 2022 and includes the arrival of the ‘Eternal Flame,’ the fake football team's national championship win and the first Creighton alum in space. See our series of art ...  Show more

Episode 6 — Creighton's 2023 anniversaries (Part 2)

And here's part 2 of our series of Weird Creighton History episodes on 2023 anniversaries. This episode tracks anniversaries from 1948 to 1973, including the debut of the DePorres Club, the start of women’s sports and the arrival of air conditioning in Swanson Hall. See our serie ...  Show more

Episode 5 — Creighton's 2023 anniversaries (Part 1)

Another year, another list of Creighton anniversaries. In the first of this three-part series of episodes (stay tuned for the other two), Rick and Micah cover such historic events as ... the birth of the Bluejay, the start of the track team and the belated graduation of an alum w ...  Show more