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Switching from Salesforce to HubSpot with Katie Bevilacqua at ConexEd

Katie Bevilacqua is the Director of Operations at ConexEd, a higher ed edtech startup that migrated from Salesforce to HubSpot. Her and the team are investing in increasingly sophisticated marketing to take their product to market.Laying the right foundation is just the start. On ...  Show more

How personality can drive sales with Brandon Kim at Crystal

Brandon Kim is the VP of Marketing at Crystal, a powerful personality data platform that sales and marketing teams are using to increase sales. It works by understanding your prospects better, primarily with the DISC assessment. Brandon shares how they believe more personalized c ...  Show more

Enterprise sales strategy with Aaron Mellman at Aiden Technologies

Aiden Technologies is a fast-growing IT automation platform that serves large enterprise companies. Aaron joins to talk about his enterprise sales and go to market strategy as the first marketing hire. Topics include marketing with HubSpot, cold outreach, sales-marketing alignmen ...  Show more

Implementing inbound marketing with Pete DeOlympio at Cleartelligence

Pete DeOlympio just implemented inbound marketing at a professional services firm with over 100 employees as the first full-time marketing hire. He shares how it's gone and what's next.He talks about how he hit the ground running, identified early wins, and is moving forward with ...  Show more

Community-led growth marketing with Connie Lund at testRigor

Connie Lund is a marketer who espouses the benefits of community-led growth marketing, driving 4x ROI on campaigns and filling the sales funnel for her sales team. She talks about specific webinars, events, and other tactics she has used, and compares/contrasts them with more con ...  Show more