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Digital sales rooms with Tara Pawlak

We're joined by Tara Pawlak, head of marketing at Get Accept. For starters, this episode kicked off when Tara posted the following tactical exercise on LinkedIn, encouraging people to rethink how they do events: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/tara-pawlak_marketers-sales-salesteam- ...  Show more

New Customer Onboarding with Stuart Balcombe at Arrows

Stuart shares incredible insights into the new customer onboarding process, topics include: Sales-Marketing-Service Alignment: Gaps in this area aren't because of your internal teams per se, but because of not knowing your customer. And they feel it. He shares valuable advice on ...  Show more

Misleading leads with Sam Kuehnle at Refine Labs

In this episode, Harris asks Sam to share his thoughts on a few topics:  Understanding buyers: Sam tells the story of a lead that came in—an intern. Why this lead could have been considered disqualified, but he encouraged the client to take the meeting and it ended up in a meetin ...  Show more

Your first sales hire and what to do next with Marc Thomas

In this episode, Harris asks Marc to share his thoughts on a few topics:  Role of sales: How does he see the overlap between sales and marketing, and in particular, are there certain companies where salespeople don't make sense? Short answer: Yes, listen to the episode or read th ...  Show more

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