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How FRET Works: A Guide to Visualizing Protein Interactions

#78 — Want to visualize if your proteins interact in live cells? FRET is the answer. In this Mentors at Your Benchside episode, we explain how FRET works, why it's great for studying protein–protein interactions, and why it is not actually named Fluorescence Resonance Energy Tran ...  Show more

How Can We Make Science More Accessible?

#77  — Have you ever thought about accessibility in science? We don’t always present our science in ways that are accessible to everyone. Nor is lab-based science always accessible.In this episode of Mentors At Your Benchside, we explore what accessibility is and highlight how we ...  Show more

A Short History of Cell Biology

#76 — Do you know how the first cells were identified? Or who discovered them? What about why they are called cells? Discover the fascinating history in this enlightening Mentors At Your Benchside episode.Visit the original article for a timeline of cell biology, [1] discover the ...  Show more

How to use a Hemocytometer

#75 — Counting your cultured cells is vital to seeding the right density for your experiments, harvesting an appropriate amount of downstream experiments, preparing cells for flow cytometry, and more. Luckily it's pretty easy with a hemocytometer. In this episode of Mentors At Yo ...  Show more

Understand How Alkaline Lysis Works

#74 — Understanding how a technique works make it simpler to troubleshoot when things go wrong in your experiments. Learn how alkaline lysis works in this short and simple step-by-step run-through of the process. Check out the original article for links to helpful resources, [1] ...  Show more