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From Scientific Rigor to Mindful Vigor: Tara Nylese's Path to Well-Being

#71 — Tara Nylese was a career scientist and formerly a Regional Market Development Manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific. She left her Market Development Manager job to focus on other workplace wellness activities, and launched her book, Mindfulness in Everyday Life, which hit the ...  Show more

Urgency. How to Keep it From Ruining Your Day, Project, and Career

#70 — Academia can seem like nothing but deadlines. Experiments, people, reports, and objectives compete for our immediate attention. Sometimes, rightly so. But you can't physically do everything at once. And when rushing becomes the rule rather than the exception, all your well- ...  Show more

How to Deal With Challenging People In Your Lab (and Beyond)

#69 — Challenging people. You get them everywhere. Your lab—and beyond.There's the one who block-books instruments for two weeks straight. There's the one who barely shows up and seems to get by doing far less work than you. There are data thieves and god complexes, post-it note ...  Show more

How to Earn Respect In Your Lab, and In Your Field

#68 — Respect is an interesting measure of a career. We all know colleagues we respect personally, or professionally, or intellectually. Sometimes one person captures more than one or even all of these measures. In fact, they can feed each other in an upward spiral. Here we will ...  Show more

How to Motivate Yourself In Scientific Research

#67 — Staying motivated while doing research is hard! It can be repetitive, with bouts of frequent failure and some complete dead ends. But your research is beneficial and does matter—even if you're momentarily struggling to see the bigger picture—so it's critical to have an arse ...  Show more