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What To Do If Your Love of Science Is Fading

#66 — Do you ever think: "I don't love science anymore"?Many of us have doubts during our scientific career and question whether the passion or enthusiasm is still there, but is it really true that we don't love science anymore, or is it that we don’t love the machine, the politi ...  Show more

The Happy Scientist Live: You, Yes YOU, Need To Learn To Accept Praise

#65 — Do you feel awkward responding when someone genuinely compliments your work? Have you ever had a backhanded compliment or dubious praise? It seems like it can be hard to know what to say when your accomplishments get noticed—especially when it's your boss, a VIP, or even a ...  Show more

Catalysts for Advancement In Your Scientific Career

#64 — Catalysts aren't just for chemists anymore! The best practices you bring to the bench can be invaluable tools beyond it. In this episode of The Happy Scientist, discover how to repurpose best lab practices to recognize new opportunities, accelerate your career progression, ...  Show more

Focus — Your Lab Superpower

#63 — Discover the art of focus. Dive into its macro and micro applications. Begin with the bigger picture—your career, then ripple inward to your organization, team, and current tasks. But the order you put these in is yours to shape. Make your priorities guide your focus. Tune ...  Show more

The Most Effective Way to Protect and Expand Your Own Interests

#62 — Looking out for number #1 was fashionable in the 80s. Now it's almost a rude comment. But if you're not looking out for yourself, who is? And what's the best balance between collaboration and prioritizing your individual goals? Discover ways to balance your interests and th ...  Show more