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Listen In - Bitesize Bio Webinar Audios

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Reproducibility: Mastering the Art of Pipetting

#83 — Have you ever transferred glycerol or ethanol with a pipette? We all know how hard it is, and we've all been dubious about the accuracy of our final volumes. While you probably realize that your liquid type and pipetting technique can influence your analysis results, you mi ...  Show more

Real-time IntraVital Microscopy (IVM): In Vivo Cellular-level Imaging of Internal Organs in a Live Animal

#82 — Intravital imaging of cellular dynamics in a natural physiological microenvironment can provide unprecedented insights into the dynamic pathophysiology of diseases. In this episode of Listen In, get a demonstration of the latest technology to image inside the cells of live ...  Show more

Errors and Misconduct in Biomedical Research

#81 — What are the motives behind science misconduct? How is data manipulated to evidence dubious results? And do you think you can spot edited and faked data? Any fraud in science is too much, but the reasons for it are complex. In this episode of Listen In, join forensics detec ...  Show more

Garbage In, Garbage Out: Sample Prep for Flow Cytometry

What's more disappointing than running your flow cytometry sample to discover it's rubbish? Especially considering time on cytometers can be precious, even more so if you've booked onto an in-demand one at a busy core facility. You've done all the work and all the waiting—for not ...  Show more

Consistent, Error-Free Writing: Tips and Tricks for Time-starved Scientists

#79 — Scientific writing is an art that requires as much attention and proficiency as your hands-on lab work. When done right, it can significantly contribute to your scientific endeavors. But, if not taken seriously, inconsistent language, formatting, and terminology can hinder ...  Show more