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How Can Men Love Well In A Pornography Saturated World? How Can Churches Better Minister to Men? -Sam Black

Sam Black stated his motivating factors for writing and speaking on this topic was the need to provide an empathetic primer to ministry leaders and pastors who wanted to serve those in the church better. Many of those pastors were saying, "I know that two-thirds of the men in my ...  Show more

Igor Bandura -Ukranian Pastor Shares Whats Happening in the Ukranian War to Christians

Igor Bandura - Ukranian Pastor and Michael Johnson,vice president of the Ukrainian Baptist Union Direct from the frontline in Ukraine, Pastor Igor Bandura, vice president of the Ukrainian Baptist Union is joined by Michael Johnson, president of Slavic Gospel Association (SGA, www ...  Show more

Cash Denief-A Man Who Loves Well

Geoff "Cash" Denief When I think about men loving well, the name Cash Denief comes to mind immediately. Cash's own business is in the lumber industry, but much of his time is spent with his wife, Zan, helping run her premier bed and breakfast business. Some years back, Zan purcha ...  Show more

Make Her Feel Desired

This is the fourth episode in a 4-part series: 1) Make Her Feel Loved. 2) Make Her Feel Safe. 3) Make Her Feel Equal and 4) Make Her Feel Desired. Part 4 emphasizes the importance of making your wife feel desired by showing her that you are attracted to her, you are crazy about h ...  Show more

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