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RxJS with Ben Lesh

RxJS (Reactive Extensions for JavaScript) is a complex and very interesting topic. The Rx (Reactive Extensions), originating from Microsoft, has been around for a very long time migrating from one platform to another. These days every programming language has its own native imple ...  Show more

Reactive Angular

There is a lot of buzz around reactivity and reactive programming these days.All reactive Angular API is built on top of RxJS library so there is a lot of reactivity built-in within Angular. What do you think, should Angular have First-class RxJS support, should it be optional or ...  Show more

Designing Reusable Components with Tomas Trajan

Component is the central piece in Angular. Sometimes you want to generalize a particular component, to make it shareable across your application or to move into a custom component library to share it around multiple applications. It is important to understand how to approach shar ...  Show more

Web Components and Angular Elements

Web Components are also known as Custom Elements. Custom Element is a web standard for defining new HTML elements in a framework-agnostic way.There are a set of different techniques that allow you to build Web Components or Custom Elements. Being an Angular Developer you can easi ...  Show more

Developer Tools with Minko Gechev

I split up the developer tools into multiple categories  Development and productivity Debugging Performance Testing In this episode we discuss each category in details as well as answering the following questions: Why do we need developer tools? Can you imagine a dev life without ...  Show more