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Part 2 of The "Dark Night" Of the Soul (When God Finally Speaks)

What happens when God finally speaks again. Are we able to perceive his voice, and do what God is telling us to do? Can we discern in our spirits where our soul is able to understand what His spirit is speaking to us?    In our previous episode we discussed the events when God se ...  Show more

The "Dark Night" Of the Soul - Part 1

What happens when God becomes silent? Many people including believers who pray to Jesus The Christ, and The God (Yahweh) have experienced seasons in their lives of silence. This is often referred to as the "Dark Night" of the Soul.  Even the chosen people of Yahweh (Jewish People ...  Show more

"Grace" Is Not The Girl Next Door - Part 2

In this second part of our interview with guest and co host John Stolwyk, we discussed in depth of God's grace versus being saved by our own works, true sanctification, God "killing us" to be one with Him, our morality, faith and repentance. Favorite quote "Jesus didn't ...  Show more

"Grace" Is Not The Girl Next Door - Part 1

In today's episode we have a guest co host (John Stolwyk). John is a good friend of the ministry, he is an evangelist, teacher, and author of the book called Inward Embrace of Grace (the Inner Dynamics of Grace from a New Covenant Perspective)Join host Thomas Jusayan, and co ...  Show more

Knowing The Heart of The Master Part 2

In these episodes we interviewed a good friend, ministry partner, leader and  founder of, and founder of, Raul Andres Garcia. He shares his journey as 26 years old, CEO, and ministry founder of how the word of God through someone who p ...  Show more