The Quest for Epic Engagement

The Quest for Epic Engagement

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/QEE/ Beyond the Uniform: Kerry Steuart's Mission for Mindful Living

We're diving into an inspiring chat with Kerry Steuart, a Gulf War Veteran who’s turned life's challenges into channels for healing and helping others. 🌈 Kerry’s journey from the Air Force to becoming a yoga and wellness guru is nothing short of transformative. With his ...  Show more

/QEE/ Engaging Through Improv: Milo Shapiro's Epic Adventure

🌟 In this episode of "Quest for Epic Engagement," I'm taking you on an extraordinary journey with the incomparable Milo Shapiro, a master of transitions from a software developer in the '80s to a revered improv professional and motivational speaker today. 🎭 🎙️ From the ...  Show more

QEE: RJ and Peggy About Wonders of GoBrunch

Join me for the inaugural episode of 'Quest for the Epic Engagement,' the exciting next chapter following my 'Epic Engagement Adventure' podcast. This fun-loving episode features a guest, my beloved friend Peggy McCartha, a photographer with a knack for crafting v ...  Show more

📍EEA: Journeying Beyond Customer Satisfaction with JoAnna Brandi

🥰 We're thrilled to have the sensational JoAnna Brandi, the maestro of turning customer service into Exquisite Customer CARE. With over 25 years of coaching companies out of the 'meh' zone of customer satisfaction into the 'wow' realm of authentic, energetic ...  Show more

📍EEA: Charging Your Worth with Chella Diaz

🎙️ Elevate Your Worth: Chella Diaz Empowers Women Entrepreneurs! 🎙️ Meet Chella Diaz, a trailblazer dedicated to guiding service-based women entrepreneurs toward financial empowerment and business success. With a mantra, "Time to Charge your Value!" Chella is on a mission to he ...  Show more