Beyond the Raging Sea: State of Mind

Beyond the Raging Sea: State of Mind

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Introducing: State of Mind

What happens inside your mind when your body is pushed to its limits?State of Mind is produced by Kerning Cultures Network.State of Mind is hosted by Lobna Monieb. It’s also produced by Lobna, alongside Ahmed Ashour and Ban Barkawi. The show is edited by Heba El-Sherif and Deena ...  Show more

Nothing but the Atlantic

“I just don’t want to be rocked anymore. Stop rocking me.”Omar Samra and Omar Nour embark on a journey across the Atlantic Ocean in a seven-meter boat with only each other and the very real possibility of not making it. How would such an experience affect your relationship with n ...  Show more

A Liferaft to Safety

“I’m going to let go.”About nine days into the journey, Omar Samra and Omar Nour’s boat capsizes in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. How do you nurture the resilience to continue when you’re faced with an impossible situation? And what happens in the case of refugees when you ad ...  Show more

12-Hour Rowing Shifts

"If I don't close my eyes for literally two, three, five minutes, I'm done for.”Omar Samra had to cope with an extreme bout of seasickness. Omar Nour had to pick up extra shifts. On top of all that, a huge wave turns their boat upside down and puts them on the brink of death. How ...  Show more

Quick Nap in a Wet Sock

“The only time that’s enjoyable is when you’re unconscious.”The only break Omar Samra and Omar Nour get after their two-hour rowing shifts is a 40-minute nap in a two-meter wide cabin, using a wet sheet and a crumpled wet t-shirt for a pillow. When your only break from intense ph ...  Show more