Beyond the Raging Sea: State of Mind

Beyond the Raging Sea: State of Mind

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If you have been enjoying this podcast, we want to hear from you! ⁠ ⁠Understanding who you are helps us make decisions as we continue to grow at the Kerning Cultures Network. Help us understand you better by filling out this short survey linked below, it won’t take more than 5 mi ...  Show more

A Conversation with Something Bigger

“You're this tiny thing in this huge body of water, whatever is happening is just gonna happen to you.” In the middle of an angry ocean, Team O2 grapples to find a balance between doing their absolute best and accepting that the outcome is beyond their control. When you come so c ...  Show more

Daring Together

“Look, I'm suffering. I can't talk right now.” Up until Omar Samra and Omar Nour decided to row across the Atlantic Ocean, they were acquaintances. But after nearly dying together in the middle of the ocean, their relationship took a quick turn. How does the relationship between ...  Show more

Quick Nap in a Wet Sock

“The only time that’s enjoyable is when you’re unconscious.” The only break Omar Samra and Omar Nour get after their two-hour rowing shifts is a 40-minute nap in a two-meter wide cabin, using a wet sheet and a crumpled wet t-shirt for a pillow. When your only break from intense p ...  Show more

12-Hour Rowing Shifts

"If I don't close my eyes for literally two, three, five minutes, I'm done for.” Omar Samra had to cope with an extreme bout of seasickness. Omar Nour had to pick up extra shifts. On top of all that, a huge wave turns their boat upside down and puts them on the brink of death. Ho ...  Show more