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Exclusive Interview With "Over My Dead Body" Creator Steven Kunes

This interview is part of the Writers on Writing Oral History Collection, produced by the Writers Guild of America, and features executive producer Steven Kunes, who talks about his four-decade career in Hollywood, writing and producing network TV comedy series, and the creation ...  Show more

“Howard Cosell: I Never Played The Game!”

Howard Cosell has been called the greatest TV sportscaster of all time by everybody who has ever seen him, whether he was calling a heavyweight boxing championship or during his many years hosting Monday Night Football. In his first interview since his death in 1995, Cosell share ...  Show more

“Mark Twain: The Reports Of My Death Are Greatly Exaggerated!”

Mark Twain has arguably been called the greatest American author, and in his first interview since his death in 1910, it’s not hard to see why. Twain wrote such classics as Life on the Mississippi and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn -- and is responsible for some of the wittie ...  Show more

“Phyllis Diller: Goodnight, I Love You!”

As a housewife and mother of five, and with a husband whose ass was fused to the sofa, Phyllis Diller took her show on the road, frustrations and all, and at age 37 embarked on a stand-up comedy career that would make her a legend. She paved the way for other female comics such a ...  Show more

"Julia Child: Bon Appetit!"

Legendary French chef and American TV icon Julia Child returns from a 16-year "hiatus" to share highlights from her amazing life.  From humble beginnings in Pasadena to her days as a purported spy with the OSS...then to a love affair with Paul Child which led young Julia to Franc ...  Show more