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The Misalignment of Values and Practices in Education

Why are we resting on proficiency in education? Tanji Reed Marshall CEO and Principal Consultant of Liaison Educational Partners. With more than 2 decades of experience in the classroom, district, and organization level, she has a lot of gems to share. The problem of educational ...  Show more

Jacquelyn Davis - Stay Clever, Stay Curious

Jacquelyn Davis is a nonprofit leader and transformative advisor to philanthropies who dedicated her life to the education sector and social impact. Her life and career are led by constant learning and curiosity. She has launched many organizations and initiatives. EDVolution, a ...  Show more

Diane Robinson - It All Starts in Our Minds and Hearts

Our belief systems are often perpetuated by the members of our community. A 1991 Vassar graduate, Diane Robinson is a filmmaker and recognized education leader with over 25 years of experience working in the US and globally, helping start and grow social enterprises. Beginning he ...  Show more

Surabhi Lal - Fostering Belonging: From Megaphone to Movements

Being able to step back and observe what is going on around us is often an undervalued skill!Surabhi Lai is rooted in the belief that we can create a better future of work that is rooted in our humanity and collective belonging. Multi-passionate with a strong sense of curiosity, ...  Show more

Christopher Ruszkowski - The Value of A Hard’s Day Work to Build Expertise

Good leadership requires you to always be a student!From humble beginnings in golf caddying to becoming New Mexico’s Deputy Secretary and Secretary of Education under Gov. Susana Martinez (R) from 2016-2019, Christopher Ruszkowski is a social studies teacher by trade, recently ap ...  Show more