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Yexenia Gómez - Show Up as Yourself Everywhere You Go

Bring a piece of yourself into everything you do so you can be a role model for others like you.Yexenia Gómez is a renowned culinary director and educator who helps bring health and nutrition education to underprivileged people in her community. Working with businesses and childr ...  Show more

Dr. Nancy B. Gutierrez and Dr. Roberto Padilla - Stay and Prevail

 Collective responsibility resonates strongly in supporting our communities, urging us to recognize the beauty and brilliance present within our own people. Dr. Nancy B. Gutierrez, President & Lead Executive Officer of The Leadership Academy, and Dr. Roberto Padilla, superintende ...  Show more

Kwamara Thompson - Love Yourself: Come As You Are

Building communities is essential for creating opportunity, acceptance and prosperity.Kwamara Thompson is a leader, community builder and angel investor who pours herself into numerous organizations that foster a culture of unity and positive social change. From a young age, she ...  Show more

Shanita Rapatalo - How You Come is How I Will Receive You

Leading with discernment is a vital part of unlocking the greatness in others. Shanita Rapatalo is a national consultant and expert on literacy, DEI, and education, and helps to create systemic changes to the education system that promote equity, compassion and acceptance. With 2 ...  Show more

Rick Andrews - Improv as a Pathway to Authenticity

Break free from your scripted role and uncover your authentic self. Rick Andrews is a highly respected trainer, educator, and improv artist with expertise in team development, creativity, innovation, public speaking, and leadership. He brings a treasure trove of hands-on expertis ...  Show more