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🎮 Gaby, help me learn 5 tips about Game Development in Go and goreleaser them

Visit our homepage - - for links to our Patreon, Swag Store, and more.Next week, on June 19th, we're doing a physical meetup! Join #amsterdam on the Gopher Slack to join up.🇩🇪 GopherCon Europe next week, June 17-20Can’t afford to attend online? Fill in this form: htt ...  Show more

“I don't have money, but I do have a very particular set of ~skills~ connectors” — Ashley Jeffs

Go 1.22.4 & 1.21.11 releasedProposalsNew: safer file open alternativeopenat man pageNew: allow range-over-func to omit iteration variablesBlog: Flaky Tests Overhaul at UberBlog: Redpanda acquires Benthos to expand its end-to-end streaming data ...  Show more

Go, meet hugging face 🤗, interview with Riccardo Pinosio

Go 1.22.4 & 1.21.11 coming Tuesday, June 4Community eventsGolang Atlanta meetup, June 13Cup o' Go Meetup in Amsterdam, June 19Golang Tilburg meetup, June 20Proposal accepted and implemented: new iterator functions in maps package coming in 1.23Reddit: What software shouldn't you ...  Show more

🕸️ With great power comes great responsibility, or why not to use the linkname directive 🔗

ProposalsAccepted: require Linux 3.17 kernel for Go 1.24Previous discussion: Episode 61Accepted: add encoding.AppendText and encoding.AppendBinaryPrevious discussion: Episode 62Accepted: add HostLayout directive type🪟 Accepted: Normalize line endings in example output comparison ...  Show more

This just in! When is a constructor that returns an interface appropriate? 🤔

Upcoming conferences🇯🇵 June 8: Go Conference 2024 @ Tokyo, Japan🇩🇪 June 17-20: GopherCon EU @ Berlin, Germany🇳🇱 June 19-21: DevOps Days @ Amsterdam, Netherlands🇷🇺 June 24-25: Golang Conf 2024 @ St. Petersburg, RussiaProposals👍 Accepted: go telemetry subcommandPrevious di ...  Show more