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🐳💐 DON'T PANIC! We have a bunch of good blogs for you, plus Sam Lown talks invoicing with Go

Announcements 🔐 Go 1.21.5 & 1.20.12 pre-announcement 🧊 Go 1.22 frozen, this time for real Community ☕️ Mattproud's great Reddit answer for Java developers 🐍 Another good blog post from Preslav about Python vs GoRich Hickey's talk about a similar subject 🦪 Ralf Steube develope ...  Show more

🐍 Shay has had it with these flippin' snakes on this flippin' show! + Canopy interview with Webb Morris

CFPs 🇩🇪 GopherCon Europe, Berlin. Conference dates June 17-20, 2024 CFP open until Feb 18, 2024 Paged OutCFP open until Nov 25, 2023 Proposals 📖 accepted: cmd/doc: support 'go doc package@version' syntax Releases 🐍 cobra v1.8.0 released Hugo v0.120.0 vscode-go v0.40.0 From ar ...  Show more

🦃 Giving thanks for the Go Rorschach test, and chat with Ultimate Go Tour translator, Lucio Moraes

Thank you to this week's sponsor, Backend Banter! Conferences & CFPs 🇧🇪 FOSDEM '24, Feb 3&4 @ BrusselsGo Devroom CFP through December 1 🇬🇷 GopherCon EU, Athens, Feb 6-8CFP Through November 19 🇧🇷 Ultimate Go Tour from Arden labs now available in PortugueseThe original: A Tou ...  Show more

🎂 Happy birthday, Go! 🎂

Thank you to this week's sponsor, Backend Banter! 🎂 Happy birthday, Go! Go was announced 14 years ago Watch Russ Cox's intro video Go 1.21.4 & 1.20.11 released with important Windows security fixes Proposals Make deadcode a supported command Memory arenas on hold indefinitely Re ...  Show more

❄️ Be unique, just like everyone else & interview with 📦 testcontainers maintainer Manuel de la Peña

Thank you to this week's sponsor, Backend Banter! 🛡️ Security pre-release announcementGo 1.21.4 and 1.20.11 coming on Tuesday, November 7 Conferences 🇮🇪 GopherCon Ireland yesterday 🇸🇬 GopherCon Singapore ongoing, yesterday and today 🇬🇧 Fyne Conf today 🇦🇺 GopherCon AU, No ...  Show more