The Reluctant Marketer

The Reluctant Marketer

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Get out of Marketing Debt (daily snippet)

Matthias realizes that his upcoming book needs a new title. This episode shows why and how. 

Marketing Book Promotion Tactic (daily snippet)

Matthias chooses to build an "attention engine" for his new book before he goes on to write more chapters for it. 

Integrating Software with a Community of Introverted Marketers is not only software anymore, it now has an online community. Reluctant marketers can work on their understanding of marketing there, then use the software when they already know the "rules of the game". 

Challenges in Software Development (daily snippet)

Again, it takes Matthias much longer than he thought to finish a feature. He blames external factors, of course! 

Perfecting the Single Login Feature (daily snippet)

Matthias is working on the Single Login Feature so that the users of 2Quiet2Market can access the software and the online community with one single email/password.