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Finding Your Why - Henri Munyengango - Defining Hospitality - Episode # 125

Through the hospitality of others, we are enabled to share those feelings of welcoming and acceptance in future interactions. Today’s guest is someone who’s work in hospitality is influenced by the support of those around him. Our guest this week is an experienced designer with a ...  Show more

Creating Legions Of Raving Fans - Younes Atallah - Defining Hospitality - Episode # 124

Our guest on this week’s episode is a wealth of knowledge on all facets of the hotel and hospitality industry. He’s a leader who knows how to turn a hotel into something that is truly a destination. Joining the show this week is General Manager at the upcoming Regent Santa Monica ...  Show more

The Many Layers Of Hospitality - Jacqueline Nunley - Defining Hospitality - Episode # 123

In the rapidly changing world of tech, the hospitality industry can struggle to keep up. Today’s guest is here to provide some guidance. Drawing on her 20 plus years of technology experience, she creates innovative experiences for guests and travelers. Joining the show this week ...  Show more

Igniting Curiosity And Expanding Worlds - Linda Laucirica - Defining Hospitality - Episode # 122

Our guest this week is a talented designer who is redefining the world of hospitality design. With over 25 years of experience, she has lent her expertise as an Adjunct professor at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Please welcome to the show Senior Director, Design & Proje ...  Show more

The Importance Of Authenticity - Gene Gebolys - Defining Hospitality - Episode # 121

Our guest on this week’s episode is someone who over the past 25 years has played a pivotal role in the development and adoption of biofuels. He’s a forward thinking leader who is committed to creating a better world. Joining Dan Ryan is President and CEO at World Energy, Gene Ge ...  Show more