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In the Spotlight with Mofida Shiha: Life's Ups and Downs

‏In a special season finale, we had the honor of hosting Mofida Shiha, one of Egypt's top TV presenters. Our conversation delved into her extraordinary journey, from humble beginnings to her current success. Mofida candidly shared her experiences, including family dynamics, p ...  Show more

ريهام خليفة:اتعرضت لمواقف صعبة مع النجوم وصراع نفسي The Unfiltered Truth Behind the Glam

‏في حلقة النهاردة، هنستضيف الموهوبة و المتميزة بمهاراتها في مجال المكياج، ريهام خليفة. الحلقة دي مختلفة تمامًا، اتكلمنا من القلب و عرفنا تفاصيل عن شخصية ريهام أكتر و سلطنا الضوء على حياتها الشخصية و أن قد إيه الأمومة عنها رقم واحد في حياتها، وفتحتلنا قلبها على تجارب مرت بيها في ر ...  Show more

Unveiling Injy ElMokadem: A Journey to the Heart of a Star

‏Discover the unseen side of Injy Elmokadem's soul in our latest episode! Join us for an emotional rollercoaster ride filled with laughter, heartfelt conversations, and profound insights into Injy's true persona. In this episode, she opens her heart to Bmeets, revealing t ...  Show more

Beyond the Mic with Sherif Noureldin's 'Other' Side الجانب الآخر للاعلامي شريف نور الدين

‏Embark on a transformative interview with Sherif Noureldin, a renowned broadcaster and actress, in this exclusive interview that transcends the realms of personal and professional growth. Known for his exceptional talent and charismatic personality, Sherif has made a significant ...  Show more

B Meets Logina Salah's Inspiring Vitiligo Journey

‏In this inspiring, empowering episode, we sit down with the remarkable Logina Salah, a trailblazing vitiligo model, to delve into her extraordinary life journey. With grace and candor, Logina opens up about the struggles she faced during her childhood, which were marked by relen ...  Show more