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A Unique Invitation to Experience 'Unlock God Mode': Master Your Mind, Align Your Soul & Uplevel Your Relationship with Life

Begin the Unlock God Mode Experience »  The Microdose podcast:  Spotify | Apple Podcasts | YouTube The James Xander Trip podcast: Spotify | Apple Podcasts | YouTube RESOURCES:  • Join the Unlock God Mode Experience »  • Book a 1:1 Psychedelic Guidance Call • Get my free mushroom ...  Show more

#27: Tuning Into the Divine, Aligning with Your Heart, and Upleveling in the Hologram of Life w/ Jakob Gricar

Episode 27 — Jakob Gricar (@jakobgricar) joins James Xander (@emperorjames) for a second time on The James Xander Trip podcast, for a deep conversation about the heart, relationships, intuition, psychedelics, following one's Divine Path, and so much more.Jakob Gricar is a spiritu ...  Show more

#26: Unbecoming – The Journey of Reconnecting with Wholeness w/ Dorota Stanczyk

Episode 26 — Acclaimed author and keynote speaker Dorota Stańczyk (@dorotastanczykart) joins James Xander (@emperorjames) on The James Xander Trip podcast for a profound exploration of the heart, the nuances of self-love, the truth behind rejection, dropping our masks, and healin ...  Show more

#25: DMT Journeys Into the Holographic Reality w/ Damian Schechter – Exploring Ayahuasca, Changa, San Pedro, Kambo, and Sananga

Episode 25 — Damian Schechter (@damian_theallrounder) joins James Xander (@emperorjames) on The James Xander Trip, for a deep, DMT-infused conversation about his psychedelic adventures with Changa, Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Kambo, and other plant medicines, and what he's learned from ...  Show more

#24: From Bufo with Love – The God Molecule and the Mysteries of 5-MeO-DMT w/ Gabor Orszaczky

Episode 24 — Gabor Orszaczky (@orszaczky) joins James Xander (@emperorjames) on The James Xander Trip for a profound conversation on Bufo, Ayahausca, Love, Source, and aligning your Life with the Divine. Wow. What an episode. Subscribe to the @jamesxandertrip YouTube for future e ...  Show more