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When travelling goes... sideways.

Welcome back to Check In & Check Out! I always reckon the key difference between being on a holiday and on an adventure is that on an adventure, the setbacks are part of the fun. In this episode, we dive into our travellers' travel mishaps, those little moments that threaten to d ...  Show more

How Do I Travel More Often?

We'd all like to travel more, wouldn't we? But whether it's not enough money, not enough time... there's always something that seems to get in the way. How do we find more opportunities to get away on holiday, maybe have an extra trip every now and then, or just vacation somewher ...  Show more

Why Do We Travel?

Welcome to the first-ever episode of Check In & Check Out! To start us off, Chris puts a tricky question to our intrepid group of travellers: why do you travel? What is it about travelling that makes us all forego some of life's other luxuries to hop on a plane, battle through th ...  Show more

Trailer: Check In and Check Out

I reckon, by far, the best travel advice I've ever received hasn't come from a guidebook, a travel blog or a travel review website. Don't get me wrong, your Lonely Planet and Rick Steves guidebooks are still really important travel tools (I won't throw mine out!)... but they can' ...  Show more