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Building Tech to Help Kids Learn to Read: Janessa Farrell's QuestRead Journey

Welcome to another episode of the Small Tech Podcast! Today, we have Janessa Farrell, an inspiring guest who has turned her passion for teaching into a tech startup.Janessa is the co-founder and CEO of QuestRead, a fun reading game for kids that helps improve their reading skills ...  Show more

Crafting a Sustainable Future: Liz Gosselin's Entrepreneurial Journey

In this episode of the Small Tech Podcast, we talk with Liz Gosselin, who founded EarthProof which was later acquired. She helped start R&G Strategic, which is the sustainability agency. Liz shares her journey from school to the startup scene at Volta, where she started working c ...  Show more

Digital Marketing for Tech Startups with Ashley Mason

 Join us on the Small Tech Podcast as we sit down with Ashley Mason, founder of Dash of Social, to discuss the keys to effective digital marketing in the tech sector. Discover Ashley's journey from freelance marketer to agency head and learn how to leverage social media, blogging ...  Show more

Janey Roh: From Educator to Tech Entrepreneur for Social Good

Let's explore Janey Roh's journey. She went from being a teacher to a tech entrepreneur. She uses technology to help connect communities. She started Curiko, a platform that helps people with technology. Janey talks about the challenges of using technology to help different commu ...  Show more

Tech and Recruitment with Adam Delgado from The North Technology People

In this episode of the Small Tech Podcast, host Raph from EC sits down with Adam Delgado of The North Technology People. From his early days to becoming a key player in the recruitment field across Australia, Singapore, the UK, and Canada, Adam dives into his rich experience with ...  Show more