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Welcome New Followers & Unplugged Phone Wrap Up! | Episode 308

Welcome new followers! On this stream, I answer MORE of your Unplugged Phone questions! This was first streamed to YouTube, Rumble, X, Twitch and LinkedIn May 21, 2024. All my links: Try my preferred streaming software ...  Show more

The Unplugged Phone Review: Convenience Or Privacy? | Episode 307

Here is my review of Erik Prince's Unplugged Phone! #TheAndresSegovia #unplugged #erikprince #UnpluggedPhone #review CHAPTERS 0:00 Intro: To The Techies, Spec Heads & Normies 1:59 SECTION I: Degoogled Phones and Custom ROMs 7:50 The Competitive Space 12:46 The Unplugged Phone ...  Show more

How You're Tracked Via Metadata | Episode 306

This is a restream of Tech Talk episode 29 streamed May 2022. YouTube hit me with a copyright notice so this episode was throttled. I also find it interesting that this Ted Talk I highlight is not on YouTube. The direct link is below. Ted Global Link: ...  Show more

Regaining Control Of YOUR Data with Ryan Paterson, CEO Of UNPLUGGED | Episode 305

Ryan Paterson is the CEO of Unplugged, makers of the Unplugged Phone. He joins me to talk about why they built the Unplugged Phone. Unboxing video: Across The Socials @TheAndresSegovia & Twitter @_AndresSegovia https://TheAndresSegovia. ...  Show more

EXCLUSIVE: Unboxing and First Look At The UNPLUGGED Phone! | Episode 304

Unplugged sent me one of their first 500 devices for testing! Here are my first impressions and thoughts at The Unplugged Phone! Try my preferred streaming software Streamyard! Across The Socials @TheAndresSegovia | X _AndresSegovia W ...  Show more