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What Does Los Angeles's Infamous Skid Row Look Like today? REACTION! | Episode 303

On this episode, I react to Tyler Oliveira's recent documentary on Skid Row. Want to see more of this content like this? Be sure to subscribe on Rumble! Across The Socials @TheAndresSegovia & Twitter/X @_AndresSegovia 

Making Sense Of The N.A.R. Settlement Offer | Episode 302

On today's episode, I try to make sense of the N.A.R. settlement offer on the Missouri case: Sitzer v. Nat’l Ass’n of Realtors. Also, did you hear about the homeowner arrested in NYC for changing the locks on her home to keep squatters out? Shop My Affiliates: Ranger Candy Co ...  Show more

What Is The Unplugged Phone by Erik Prince? | Episode 301

What Is This Thing? Too good to be true? Or is it this year's Freedom Phone? Erik Prince explained some of its features and services to Shawn Ryan (Link to segment below), but I still have questions. The Shawn Ryan Show Segment: ...  Show more

The CCP Takeover Of Hollywood | Guest: The Epoch Time's Tiffany Meier | Episode 300

On this episode, I am joined by Tiffany Meier, host of NTD's China In Focus. Her new documentary just released on Epoch TV. “Hollywood Takeover” is a NTD Original Documentary exposing how Hollywood is helping to further a global adversary’s agenda, the consequences that’ll ha ...  Show more

PSA: Vote No On Prop 1 & HLA

This is a Public Service Announcement to California and specifically Los Angeles Residents: Vote NO on Proposition 1. It doesn't do what it's billed to do. Los Angeles residents, vote NO on HLA. We don't need worse traffic. The Primary is March 5th. Vote smart. www.Th ...  Show more