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Talking Afghanistan, Benghazi, & The Global War On Terror With SuperBad!

My guest is Sarah Adams, Author of Benghazi: Know Thy Enemy and former CIA Targeter. In this wide-ranging discussion, we talk about updates to her investigation into the Benghazi Attackers, Fact vs Fiction in Hollywood, Afghanistan and our Allies left behind, the outlook of The G ...  Show more

Book Review: Loomered - How I Became The Most Banned Woman In The World

This podcast is the audio version of a book review post I published to Substack. Check out the Substack post here. And while you're there, please consider subscribing for exclusive written content! Follow me across the socials @TheAndresSegovia 

Unboxing The Porsche Design PDT60 True Wireless Ear Buds! | Episode 259

This unboxing has been a long time coming. Here are my first impressions of my long-sought after Porsche Design PDT60 True Wireless Earphones! Across The Socials @TheAndresSegovia 

Unboxing And First Impressions Of The Nintendo Game + Watch!

​Shoutout to @Mrwhosetheboss  Across The Socials @TheAndresSegovia & Twitter @_AndresSegovia Affiliate Links: 

The 2nd Amendment & Safety Training With Benghazi Hero Boon | Episode 257

Boon is of the heroes of the Benghazi Terror attacks of 2012. He's a weapons instructor and arguable one of the best qualified to speak with on the 2A and policy solutions. In this wide ranging discussion, we touch on the current debates and policies regarding gun rights, pol ...  Show more