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Scott Brinker - Martech in 2024

Our Guest: Scott Brinker, VP of Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot, shapes Hubspot's platform strategy and leads business programs for its global technology partner ecosystem. He is also an editor at, with over 50,000 readers, analyzing topics at the intersection of ma ...  Show more

Scott Leese 6x Leader + Founder + 3x Author - Seller Realities + Go To Work

Our Guest: Scott Leese is a six-time Sales Leader and a two-time best-selling Amazon author in the category of sales. He maintains active communities like GTM United and is also focusing on helping companies build revenue-driving motions across the organization.  Episode Topics: ...  Show more

Ashley Acosta - Founder + CEO of Maca - SaaS Pricing: Fix The Leaks

Our Guest: Ashley Acosta, Founder and CEO of Maca. Previously, Ashley was the VP of Revenue at Pipe, on the founding team at Brex, and a Mentor at First Round Capital. Now, she's pioneering the first operating system for value-based pricing through Maca, empowering growing compan ...  Show more

Eldar Tuvey - Founder + CEO of Vertice - Cutting Cloud Costs

Our Guest: Eldar Tuvey, CEO and Founder of Vertice, an automated SaaS purchasing platform that simplifies buying, renewals, and management of software applications, helping businesses streamline their procurement and save on SaaS spend. They recently launched a Cloud Cost Optimiz ...  Show more

Andy Wilson - Co-Founder + Former CEO of Logikcull - A Big Exit, AI Realities, + 19 Lessons From 19 Years

Our Guest: Andy Willson, Co-Founder and former CEO of Logikcull, a cloud-based eDiscovery solution trusted by hundreds of legal teams to automate discovery and legal holds for disputes, subpoenas, investigations, record requests, and more. After 19 years of building, Logikcull wa ...  Show more