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Know - 9 - Our participatory Universe

‏#QuantumPhysics, #Universe, #TarekOsman, #Know, #Bohr Part 9 of the series:  Know ..  this episode on:  Our participatory Universe.Twitter: YouTube: LinkedIn: Facebook: Websi ...  Show more

Egypt — four key questions

‏Egypt — four key questions :  on national security,  politics and economics,  on identity,  and on  the psychological mood of the 20-million people the society has added in the past 15-years.Twitter: YouTube: LinkedIn: ...  Show more

كأسٌ أخر لفوروتينتيسڤ

‏رحلة قصيرة مع فوروتينتيسڤ : أهم شخصية في كتابات الكاتب الروسي - المحلل الممتاز لروسيا نهاية عصر القيصرية و بداية عصر البولشيفية - الكسندر سوليزينيتسينTwitter: YouTube: LinkedIn: Facebook: ...  Show more

God & Liberty, as per Voltaire

‏After 20-years in exile, Voltaire returned to Paris. Few days later, America’s Benjamin Franklin came to visit him, and with him his grandson. Voltaire blessed the boy, saying “God and liberty”, in English.  This episode is about: what Voltaire meant.Twitter: ...  Show more

Know - 8 - Christmas’ meaning & the return of Light

‏Part 8 of my series  “#Know”,   on the true meaning of Christmas, and the return of #Light ..  Light outside, surrounding us, and inside, within us.Twitter: YouTube: LinkedIn: Facebook: ...  Show more