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How To Collaborate with Sele Got

Sele Got is a film director and producer. He explores how to collaborate properly.We dive into the crucial topic of collaboration. Sele Got discusses the two main forms of collaboration and shares tips on how to make it work better. Whether it's collaborating on film projects or ...  Show more

The Power of Vulnerability in Directing with Daniel Oriahi

Daniel Oriahi is a Nigerian filmmaker who has directed Taxi Driver Oko Ashewo, Sylvia, and a hand full of web series and TV movies.He shares his journey in the film industry and his insights on directing. Daniel talks about his early exposure to foreign content through his father ...  Show more

Creating a Nigerian Teen Web Series with Jemima Damina

Jemima Damina is a producer, director, and co-founder of Neptune3 Studios. We talk about starting the studio with her sisters, creating the viral young adult show "Best Friends In The World" and her evolution over the years.Jemima Damina is a Nigerian producer, director, and film ...  Show more

From Intern to Director: My Documentary Journey with Yemi Bamiro

Yemi Bamiro is a documentary director known for "One Man In His Shoes" & "Super Eagles 96".Filmmaker Yemi Bamiro takes us on a journey through the world of documentary filmmaking, sharing his personal experiences and insights. From his start at MTV to his critically acclaimed fil ...  Show more

Turning Rejection into Reflection with Sele Got

Sele Got is a film director and producer. He explores the benefits of rejection to filmmakers.We delve into the world of rejection in the film industry, exploring the experiences of successful filmmakers who have faced rejection and come out on top. From Steven Spielberg to the w ...  Show more