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#145 - Burger King’s bet on EV’s - Carsten Lambrecht, Burger King

In this episode of Commerce Talks podcast, we discuss Burger King operations and expansion plans in Denmark and Sweden with Carsten, the main director for Kingfood in these regions. We explore the advantages of owned versus franchised restaurants, workforce challenges, market str ...  Show more

#146 - The importance of differentiation and adaptability in a competitive market - Hermann Haraldsson, Boozt

This podcast episode features Boozt CEO Herman Haraldsson, who shares insights into his experience running a successful e-commerce business in the Scandinavian region. The entrepreneur discusses transitioning to a multi-brand model, focusing on the Nordic market, AI, customer-cen ...  Show more

#143 - Revolutionizing Women’s Lingerie in Saudi Arabia - May Kanounji, Blooming Wear

May Kanounji, CEO of Blooming Ware, discusses the Saudi fashion industry on Commerce Talks. She highlights feminizing lingerie, e-commerce, and omni-channel strategies, offering insights and advice for brands entering the Saudi market. 

#144 - Challenges of implementing click-and-collect, solved - Julie Samaha, Tamimi Markets

Julie Samaha, Head of E-commerce at Tamimi Supermarkets, discusses the company's e-commerce strategy and the challenges they face in the Saudi Arabian market. Tamimi Supermarkets is a Saudi family business with 111 stores across the country. They have implemented a click and coll ...  Show more

#142 - Driving growth and innovation in an evolving market -Aurèlien Cuellar, Chalhoub Group

In this conversation, Aurèlien Cuellar, Director of Omnichannel and Technology at Chalhoub Group, discusses the success and business model of Chalhoub Group, a leader in retail and distribution of luxury products in the Middle East. He shares his reasons for moving to the region ...  Show more