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Time to Market

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Season One Recap and Lessons Learned

In the last episode of the season, Sean and Étienne look back at some of the key themes that emerged from the first season.They talk about how entrepreneurship can be viewed more as a career than a one-time experience (02:56), the importance of having conversations in your market ...  Show more

Mastering Product Demos

In this week's episode, Sean and Étienne build on the sales discussion from episode 8. The topic this time is product demos.They talk about the purpose of demos (01:11), why demos should be tailored and how that can be done (04:05), where demos should sit within the organization ...  Show more

Strategic Networking: Tips for Building a Purposeful Business Network

In this week's episode, Sean and Étienne talk about strategic networking. They discuss whether networking can still be an effective strategy in 2023 (1:01), the types of relationships founders should try to build (5:03), when networking is the right tool for the job (13:06), how ...  Show more

Making Tough Decisions as Founders

In this episode, Sean and Étienne discuss how founders should think about making tough decisions. They start by defining why some decisions are difficult to make (01:11), they then discuss the importance of creating a decision-making framework for the company (04:53), share frame ...  Show more

How Founders Can Learn Sales on the Job

In this week's episode, Sean and Étienne take a stab at answering a listener's question: how can technical (and other non-commercial) founders learn sales on the job? They talk about how to get started selling (07:04), how to build the confidence to sell early on (13:53), how to ...  Show more