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On Censorship and Surveillance with Yehia Jaber

Welcome to our podcast episode on censorship and surveillance in Lebanon. We're diving into the complexities of how different forms of control affect freedom of expression. Today, we're breaking down the differences between government surveillance and censorship, and societal cen ...  Show more

On Anti-Refugee Rhetoric and Externalization Policies with Nadine Kheshen

Home to over 1.5 million Syrian refugees (according to government estimates), Lebanon has witnessed the use of Syrian refugees as scapegoats by the political class. Recently, anti-Syrian refugee discourse has heightened in Lebanon, coupled with dangerous attempts at harming Syria ...  Show more

Crisis, Class, and Ideology in Lebanon with Nizar Hasan

The economic crisis that began in Lebanon in 2019 has reshaped society in many ways, shifting people up and down the socio-economic strata. While many families in Lebanon have become dependent on relatives sending remittances from abroad, others have not, redefining the concept o ...  Show more

On the Rise of The Feminist Movement In The Levant With Hayat Mirshad

The feminist movement in the Levant has been making noise in the last decades as powerful women take the lead on many initiatives focusing on feminist and women's issues. Female and Sharika Wa Laken are just a few of these organizations empowering change. Join Stephani Moukhaiber ...  Show more

Modern day slavery - The Kafala System with This is Lebanon

In this episode, Stephani takes on understanding the Kafala System in Lebanon with the insight and knowledge of This is Lebanon. Together, they dive deep into the history, policies and horrific stories of what we call today, the modern-day slavery, Kafala System.    The kafala sy ...  Show more