Continuing Studies: for Higher Ed Podcasters

Continuing Studies: for Higher Ed Podcasters

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Fewer Live Panels and More Podcasts

The advantages of podcasting over traditional, in-person events.Neil and Jen join Joy Poliquin from the University of Victoria's Cooperative Education Program and Career Services Office. Joy discusses the "Work It" podcast, which explores alumni career paths and provides career d ...  Show more

Competition or Collaboration? Yale & Harvard Podcasting Together

How Yale and Harvard came together to create a podcast.Neil and Jen join guests Kristi Jobson and Miriam Ingber, Deans of Admissions at Harvard and Yale Law Schools and hosts of “Navigating Law School Admissions”. They share the origin of their podcast, a collaboration between pr ...  Show more

Podcasting 2.0 Explained: A Guide for Higher Ed Podcasters with James Cridland

The benefits and features of Podcasting 2.0 for higher education podcasters.In this episode of the Continuing Studies podcast, hosts Neil McPhedran and Jennifer-Lee welcome James Cridland, an expert in the podcasting industry, to discuss the advancements and potential of Podcasti ...  Show more

From Student To Practitioner To Instructor: Penn State's Podcast Ecosystem

Building partnership & keeping alumni engaged through podcasting.Katie DeFiore shares her journey from a passionate podcast listener to becoming a key player in the educational podcasting scene at Penn State. She frames the creation and development of “Dare to Disrupt,” detailing ...  Show more

How Yale Uses Podcasting to Demystify Ivy League Admissions

Step inside the Yale Admissions Office with Hannah Mendlowitz and Mark Dunn from "Inside Yale Admissions Office" podcast. As senior admissions officers, Hanna and Mark share an in-depth look the innovative ways they use podcasting to demystify the college admissions process. They ...  Show more