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Medicine Meets Muppets: How Surgery 101 Reached 10 Million downloads

How does a surgical podcast reach over 10 million downloads? With humour, concise learning objectives, and short engaging episodes that sometimes even feature muppets.  Join Surgery 101’s Co-Creator Dr. Jonathan White with hosts Neil McPhedran & Jennifer-Lee Gunson as he shares t ...  Show more

University of British Columbia: Hosts Change, But the Show Must Go On

How does a podcast successfully navigate a host change and still keep their voice? From Here Forward, an alumni focused podcast based in Vancouver, Canada did that, by strategically choosing a voice and a tone for their audience, and then letting the show find its own authentic v ...  Show more

Does Youtube Matter For your Podcast?

Discover why YouTube should be an indispensable part of your podcast strategy, even without video. Join Neil McPhedran and Jennifer-Lee Gunson  in a thought-provoking conversation with guest expert Steve Goldstein as he walks us through his research and what it tells us about how ...  Show more

Penn State University: Insights from 250 Episodes

Use your podcast to take your mandate beyond the campus, and become an invaluable resource for students, faculty, and the wider public audience. Explore the strategies and tactics behind successful university podcasts as Jenna Spinelle unpacks her experiences producing over 250 e ...  Show more

The Best of Continuing Studies: What We've Learned in 2023

Explore the diverse themes of academic podcasts and the best of 2023’s episodes, and Jen & Neil take us on a reflective journey through a year of insightful discussions with university podcasters. From innovative recruitment strategies to transforming textbooks into engaging podc ...  Show more