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The routines, habits, and rituals that supported us on our journey to building a $6M+ business (#4)

In Rich Lad Poor Lad Episode Show Episode (#4) we discuss:💥 How daily affirmations have supported us on positively brainwashing ourselves  💥 The impact of creating time constraints to become more productive during your work day 💥 Best practices to increase quality of sleep  💥 ...  Show more

What I learned from my fear of failure after receiving $50,000 from billionaire investor Tim Draper (#3)

In Rich Lad Poor Lad Episode (#3) we discuss:💥 Understanding the difference between healthy and unhealthy fear of failure 💥 The importance of failure for entrepreneurial growth 💥 How the fear of failure can paralyze someone from getting started on their entrepreneurial journey ...  Show more

How we sold $1,000,000 of NutKases in a month, while locked down in Puerto Rico (#2)

In Rich Lad Poor Lad Episode (#2) we discuss:💥 Stories from our experience running our company while being locked down in a remote tiny beach village in Puerto Rico  💥 What lead us to breaking all company sales records and selling $1M of NutKase cases in a single month  💥 Real ...  Show more

Cousins, Cofounders, Nomads, and now Co-hosts of The Rich Lad Poor Lad Show - Episode #1

Hey everyone, we're absolutely stoked to kick off our brand new Podcast & Youtube show - The Rich Lad Poor Lad Show - a creation born from the collective experiences, challenges, and learnings that we have had over the past decade. We are first cousins, best friends, and business ...  Show more