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Season 3 | EP5: “Who is Belly Baby Mom? Karen Wilmot interviews US!” ft. Shereen & Eleonora

Today, you get to know us a little bit better :) We are being interviewed for a change! The lovely Karen Wilmot - also known as ‘The Virtual Midwife’ chats with us all about Belly Baby Mom, how we started, why we do what we do, the BIG change we have brought to the UAE, and we al ...  Show more

Season 3 | EP4: "An Induced Birth with Epidural Birth Story" ft. Bashayer Al Issa

Today we share with you a beautiful and positive birth story with 'Bibi'! Bibi tells us of her 1st birth experience with her adorable son, Ghanem, and this girl is hilarious! Listen to what she has to say about why she believes her birth was "the best experience in the world", he ...  Show more

Season 3 | EP3: "The role of midwives & your birthing team" ft. Wendy Menghin & Harriet Dobbs

We caught up with 2 lovely midwives, Wendy & Harriet, from The American Hospital Dubai, to talk to us about what role a midwife plays during a mother's labour & birth at the hospital. They define what their medical profession entails, as well as that of Obstetricians & obstetric ...  Show more

YOU'RE INVITED | Sat, 9th February - MOVIE NIGHT for pregnant & new mamas!

In it's 4th edition, our 'Embracing Motherhood Movie Nights are back!'. In partnership with The American Hospital Dubai, we are inviting you lovely mamas and mamas to be, to come join us for a fun, social and educational evening this Saturday from 5p-9pm at The American Hospital ...  Show more

Season 3 | EP1: "Breastfeeding your newborn baby" ft. Dru Campbell - Healthbay Policlinic

Welcome to Season 3!! Today we chat to the lovely Dru Campbell. If you have been pregnant, currently pregnant, a new mom or currently breastfeeding, you most probably have heard of or have been to see Dru. Dru is the Head Midwife and IBCLC Lactation Consultant at Health Bay Polic ...  Show more