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#44 - Azal Al Salafi - Resonating Persistence and Hope

The season finale of Season 3 hosts the one and only Azal Al Salafi. As befitting as it was recorded on International Women’s Day, Azal touched on her own emancipation and her social work in the field of helping migrant women find their voice, home, and identity in foreign lands. ...  Show more

#43 - Nikita Haikin - The Globetrotting Footballer

As we draw Season 3 to a close, the penultimate episode features one of our most unique guests to date. Unique in his journey, his experiences and in his approach to modern day football. Nikita Haikin, the recently crowned Champion of the Eliteserien, won the Norwegian Football L ...  Show more

#42 - Andrew Cooke - It's Esports you noob

Have you ever wondered what it's like to play for a professional Esports team? Or wondered how you can simply improve your negotiation skills by changing the way you speak? Enter Andrew Cooke, a man who's straightforward and direct in his approach to almost everything he does. St ...  Show more

#41 - Basel Zahr - Strength in Vulnerability

You would be remiss to think that Basel Zahr’s episode was simply about coaching and mentorship. Rather, it is one of self-reflection, introspection, accepting your past and preparing for an uncertain future through daily efforts. An upstart coach and mentor, who’s burned through ...  Show more

#40 - Rachel Tarabay - Let's get Philosophical

Finally, EPISODE 40 is out with none other than Rachel Tarabay! A long episode in the making, Rachel, as she so aptly puts it, has mastered the art of procrastination. Yet despite that she owns this fact, she has still managed to handle her daily work, create a movement called De ...  Show more

#39 - Mikano - There's Glitter Everywhere

When thinking of Mikano, one cannot ignore the melodic tunes, his versatility in genres and the risks he’s taken and continues to take with his music. Mikano draws his influences from Kid Cudi, Frank Ocean and was not shy to say he has cried listening to Kanye West’s “My Beautifu ...  Show more