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So…what are we thinking?

If you have been enjoying this podcast, we want to hear from you! ⁠⁠Understanding who you, our dear listeners, are helps us make decisions as we continue to grow at the Kerning Cultures Network. Help us understand you better by filling this short survey linked below, it won’t tak ...  Show more

Mo Amer: Stand-Up Comedian and Actor

We’re thrilled to share another podcast from Kerning Cultures Network with you: al empire returns for Season 3 with more stories of exceptional Arabs from around the world and their journey to the top, from comedians and entrepreneurs to musicians and media mavericks. T ...  Show more

Aizen – Epilogue

Since our series about 'Aizen' ended, many of you have been in touch asking for an update on his story. When we left you at the end of the last episode, he had arrived in Europe, three years after leaving his home in Kabul and travelling through a labyrinth of smuggler networks. ...  Show more

The Black Panthers in Algeria

When Elaine Mokhtefi landed in newly independent Algeria in the early 1960s, she was only planning for a short visit. But she quickly found herself at the centre of a special period in the country’s history, as Algiers played host to liberation groups from across the world – earn ...  Show more

Word on the Street

Two stories about two streets, and the justices and injustices hidden in their names. Follow us to Tehran and Khartoum as we uncover two histories brought together by one common denominator. This episode originally aired in February 2021, and was produced by Zeina Dowidar with ed ...  Show more