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Startup Series: Lebanon

Our first episode of Kerning Cultures! Water and electricity cut daily, and yet $400M for startups. Sstarting a company in Lebanon, through the lens of a startup that graduated from Lebanon's first accelerator and was the first to receive funding from the Central Bank Circular 33 ...  Show more

Startup Series: Egypt

Egyptian startups: a different kind of revolution. This episode features Mahmoud Abdelfattah, founder of, Con O'Donnell, co-founder and BizDev Lead at Rise Up Summit, Gamal Sadek, co-founder of Bey2ollak, and Dina Sherif, co-founder of Ahead of the Curve. Produced by Heb ...  Show more

Startup Series: UAE

Is Dubai the next Silicon Valley of the Middle East? Startup stories from the United Arab Emirates. Featuring Alborz Toofani of Snappcard, Elissa Freiha of WOMENA, and Baher Alhakim of Cloudappers.  Produced by Hebah Fisher. Kerning Cultures is a Kerning Cultures Network producti ...  Show more

Reviving Hamra Street

Painting Beirut's diaries on its walls.  Featuring Yazan Halwani and Maria Abunnasr. Produced by Dana Ballout with editorial support by Hebah Fisher. Kerning Cultures is a Kerning Cultures Network production. Support this podcast on Patreon for as little as $1 a month. 

Finding Center

Finding center: physical, spiritual, mentally. Story I: [0:00-6:57] Finding Yourself in the Reflection of a Horse Story II: [6:58-13:36] Finding Peace in a Hula Hoop Story III: [13:37-26:37] Reconciling Islam and Astronomy Featuring Kelly Eide, Teeba Alkhudairi, and Nidhal Guessu ...  Show more