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How to Unlock the Secret Language of Connection with Charles Duhigg (Ad Free)

In this episode, Charles Duhigg delves into how to unlock the secret language of connection through effective communication. His research uncovers how connection and communication are an important determining factor in one’s health, happiness, and success. With his expertise in c ...  Show more

Mind Over Matter: The Power of Mindfulness for Wellbeing with Ellen Langer

In this episode, Ellen Langer brings her extensive research and wisdom to the power of mindfulness for well-bring. Her unique perspective offers a refreshing take on mindfulness as a way of being, not just a practice. With a focus on self-awareness and open-mindedness, her work e ...  Show more

A Journey to Self Discovery and Sobriety with Matthew Quick

In this episode, Matthew Quick shares his insights of his journey to self-discovery and sobriety. His experience in Jungian analysis provides a unique perspective for listeners. Matthew also offers his profound understanding of the role of the psyche in personal development, over ...  Show more

The Beauty and Power of Friendship with Will Schwalbe

In this episode, Will Schwalbe shares some of his insights and experiences about forming deep friendships in adulthood. He discusses his latest book about an unlikely friendship that formed years ago and explores how their lasting connection is so powerful. In this episode, you w ...  Show more

How to Cope with Burnout with Emma Gannon

In this episode, Emma Gannon offers a unique perspective on how to cope with burnout by embracing self-compassion. Her personal journey through burnout and the resulting year of introspection has equipped her with invaluable insights into prioritizing self-care and making meaning ...  Show more