Brian Regan: A Joke about Raisins

Brian Regan: A Joke about Raisins

Brian Regan jokes about raisins in his Netflix special, "On the Rocks".

Urzila Carlson: A Joke about a Party Hack
4min 23sec
Urzila Carlson jokes about a party hack in her Netflix special, "Overqualifed Loser" only on Netflix.
Chris Rock: A Joke about Mortgages
9min 16sec
Chris Rock jokes about mortgages in his Netflix special, "Total Black Out: The Tamborine Extended Cut".
Donald Glover: A Joke about Spiderman
3min 48sec
Donald Glover jokes about Spiderman in his special, "Weirdo" only on Netflix.
Erin Jackson: A Joke about Skydiving
3min 52sec
Erin Jackson jokes about skydiving in season two of "Tiffany Haddish Presents: They Ready" only on Netflix.
Vir Das: A Joke about People Who "Found Themselves" in India
4min 53sec
Vir Das jokes about people who "found themselves" in India in his special, "For India" only on Netflix.
Tig Notaro: A Joke about Weird Questions
2min 23sec
Tig Notaro jokes about weird questions in her special, "Happy to Be Here" only on Netflix.
Lily Tomlin: A Joke about Healthcare
1min 55sec
Lily Tomlin jokes, in character, about healthcare in "Still LAUGH-in: The Stars Celebrate" only on Netflix.
Hannibal Buress: A Joke about Children
9min 1sec
Hannibal Buress jokes about children in his special, "Comedy Camisado" only on Netflix.
Robert Kelly: A Joke about Getting Older
4min 9sec
Robert Kelly jokes about getting older in "The Degenerates" only on Netflix.
Chelsea Handler: A Joke about Cats
1min 45sec
Chelsea Handler jokes about cats in her special "Uganda Be Kidding Me" only on Netflix.
Joe List: A Joke about Surgery
1min 45sec
Joe List jokes about surgery in "The Standups" only on Netflix.
Tom Segura: A Joke about Weed
7min 59sec
Tom Segura jokes about weed in his special "Disgraceful" only on Netflix.
Matteo Lane: A Joke about Lindsay Lohan
2min 44sec
Matteo Lane jokes about Lindsay Lohan in "The Comedy Lineup" only on Netflix.
Dan Soder: A Joke about Male Confidence
3min 29sec
Dan Soder jokes about male confidence in "The Standups" only on Netflix.
Fortune Feimster: A Joke about Being a Kid
3min 29sec
Fortune Feimster jokes about being a kid in her special, "Sweet and Salty" only on Netflix.
Christina P.: A Joke about Grammar
1min 45sec
Christina P. jokes about grammar in her special, "Mother Inferior" only on Netflix.
Deon Cole: Some Jokes He's Trying Out
2min 41sec
Deon Cole tries out some jokes in his special, "Cole Hearted" only on Netflix.
Bert Kreischer: A Joke about Pajamas
5min 53sec
Bert Kreischer jokes about pajamas in his special "Secret Time" only on Netflix.
Ian Karmel: A Joke about Dating
1min 36sec
Ian Karmel jokes about dating in "The Comedy Lineup" only on Netflix.
Brad Williams: A Joke about His Wife
7min 14sec
Brad Williams jokes about his wife in "The Degenerates" only on Netflix.
Niveditha Prakasam: A Joke about Growing up Conservative
2min 31sec
Niveditha Prakasam jokes about growing up conservative in "Ladies Up" only on Netflix.
London Hughes: A Joke about Sitting on Faces
2min 46sec
London Hughes jokes about sitting on faces in her special, "To Catch a D*ck" only on Netflix.
John Mulaney: A Joke about Famous People
6min 15sec
John Mulaney jokes about famous people in his special, "Kid Gorgeous at Radio City" only on Netflix.
Sam Jay: A Joke about Uber
1min 47sec
Sam Jay jokes about Uber in her "The Comedy Lineup" only on Netflix.
Cedric the Entertainer: A Joke about Getting Older
5min 35sec
Cedric the Entertainer jokes about getting older in his special, "Live from the Ville" only on Netflix.
Anthony Jeselnik: A Joke about His Grandmother
3min 49sec
Anthony Jeselnik jokes about in his special, "Thoughts and Prayers" only on Netflix.
Riaad Moosa: A Joke about Doctors
4min 13sec
Riaad Moosa jokes about doctors in "COMEDIANS of the world" only on Netflix.
Ali Wong: A Joke about Her Ideal Man
3min 22sec
Ali Wong jokes about her ideal man in her special, "Baby Cobra" only on Netflix.
Norm Macdonald: A Joke about Magic Phones
8min 17sec
Norm Macdonald jokes about magic phones in his special, "Hitler's Dog, Gossip, and Trickery"
Fred Armisen: A Joke about Different American Accents
5min 56sec
Fred Armisen jokes about different American accents in his special, "Stand Up For Drummers" only on Netflix.
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