How Will The DOJ Handle Hunter Biden, Big Tech And Trump?

How Will The DOJ Handle Hunter Biden, Big Tec...

U.S. Attorney General nominee Judge Merrick Garland was questioned by both sides during his Senate confirmation hearing on Monday. Judge Garland vowing to restore the Justice Department's independence from the White House while being grilled by Republicans on the Hunter Biden investigation, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's nursing home scandal and John Durham's Russia origins probe. Former assistant U.S. attorney and Fox News Contributor Andy McCarthy weighs in on the Judge Garland's hearing, if the DOJ can truly be independent of the White House and the recent Supreme Court decision on former President Trump's financial records. What is often referred to as Gitmo, was opened months after the war on terror began following the deadly 9/11 attacks. The U.S. Military prison on an island off the coast of Cuba is filled with terrorist detainees who were captured in Afghanistan and elsewhere. Former President Obama transferred out many of the detained. Then, Former President Trump took over and it was status quo. Now with President Biden in office, he is renewing the push to close the Guantanamo Bay facility. Retired U.S. Army Major General Vinny Boles discusses Gitmo's complicated history, why the U.S. has not transferred a prisoner from there since 2008 and what hurdles the President could have trying to shut it down. Plus, commentary by Robert Jeffress, Fox News contributor and pastor of the Dallas First Baptist Church.

Evening Edition: Airstrikes In Syria Are Message To Iran
12min 21sec
President Biden ordered airstrikes to attack Iranian-backed militias in an ungoverned part of Syria. The Pentagon says this was in response to weeks of rocket attacks on the United States Embassy in B ...
How Trump's CPAC Speech Could Determine GOP's Future
28min 49sec
The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) kicked off on Thursday. Many Republican 2024 presidential hopefuls will be in attendance, but will likely be overshadowed by the presence of Donald ...
Evening Edition: Lebanon Has Not Recovered From Beirut Blast
12min 30sec
Lebanon has been descending into poverty and chaos since an explosion rocked the capital in August with banks and hospitals in a state of collapse. What worsens the matter is the fact the Prime Minist ...
Trump And Questions About His Future In The Spotlight at CPAC
32min 5sec
CPAC, the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, starts today in Orlando, Florida. On Sunday, former President Trump will take the stage for his first public address since leaving office. Co ...
Evening Edition: Getting Vaccines To Those In Conflict Zones
14min 9sec
More than 100 countries still don't have access to a single dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. In the past week, the United Nations met virtually to address getting supplies to those countries. FOX's Alex ...
New Covid Strains Challenge The Vaccines
31min 23sec
As the coronavirus vaccine rollout continues across the nation, Pfizer and Moderna are promising a surge of vaccine doses, but new Covid variants in the U.S. are raising more concerns about how effect ...
Evening Edition: Declining COVID Cases & The Stock Market
12min 34sec
As New York, California, and other states tout rollbacks of COVID-19 restrictions, Americans continue to wonder about the fate of the economy. FOX's Trey Yingst speaks to Chris Markowski, host of “Wat ...
Evening Edition: IAEA And Iran Agree To Nuclear Inspection Deal
13min 7sec
Iranian officials are halting plans to expel weapons inspectors from their country as a stalemate continues on the nuclear deal. After meeting with the nation, the general director of the Internationa ...
The Incredible Accomplishments Behind The Covid-19 Vaccines
31min 46sec
The race to vaccinate as many people as possible, as quickly as possible against Covid-19 is picking up speed. During a Friday visit to a Pfizer plant in Michigan, President Biden emphasized the U.S. ...
FOX News Rundown Extra: What's Next For Trump, The GOP And Those Calls For "Unity"?
18min 42sec
Just a week after the Senate's acquittal of former President Trump, many questions remain about the direction of the Republicans party and what influence Trump will have over it. South Carolina freshm ...
FOX News Rundown Extra: Dana Perino And Ayaan Hirsi Ali On The Threat Of "Cancel Culture"
19min 17sec
FOX News Anchor Dana Perino recently guest hosted a special segment of the FOX News Rundown where she spoke to Somali-born women's rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali. In Hirsi Ali's controversial new boo ...
Evening Edition: Biden Administration To Give $200 Million to WHO
13min 53sec
Last May, President Trump announced that the United States would leave the World Health Organization; a decision that sparked praise from some, and criticism from others. Upon taking office, President ...
Despite More Covid Hope, Many Schools Remain Closed
31min 3sec
Some good news. Every day the past two weeks there have been fewer than 100,000 Covid cases in the U.S. If you combine this past week, it still doesn't add up to the one-day record of the 300,000 new ...
Evening Edition: An Escalating Situation in Burma
15min 42sec
On February 1st, the Burmese military arrested hundreds of lawmakers, alleging voter fraud in the 2020 Burmese General Election. With a coup seemingly underway, thousands of citizens took to the stree ...
Is “Cancel Culture” Out To Silence All Conservatives?
30min 10sec
“Cancel culture” is the new buzzword for withdrawing support or “cancelling” public figures or companies because offensive or problematic remarks or ideologies that come to light, past or present. One ...
Evening Edition: The Next Space Race
14min 13sec
On February 18th, a NASA rover named "Perseverance" will be the fifth rover to touch down on Mars. But NASA's rover isn't the only device in pursuit of the red planet. Right now, both the United Arab ...
What Unity? Washington Still Divided Over Trump, Covid Response
32min 1sec
So much for unity. Just days after former President Trump was acquitted at the Senate impeachment trial, Mississippi Democrat Congressman Bennie Thompson and the NAACP are suing Trump and his attorney ...
Evening Edition: Portable COVID Test Brings Immediate Results
13min 0sec
With COVID-19 variants on the rise around the world, and communities seeking a return to normalcy, the need for rapid and reliable COVID testing has never been greater. Last week, the FDA approved a s ...
Gov. Cuomo Denies "Cover-Up" Over Nursing Home Deaths
30min 40sec
He's faced calls to resign, be impeached or even prosecuted. His critics counter an order back in March sending COVID-positive people from hospitals to nursing homes, which allowed the virus to spread ...
Evening Edition: A Growing Humanitarian Crisis In Yemen
13min 30sec
Heavy clashes resumed Sunday in Yemen between Houthi rebels and pro-government forces. The new violence left dozens dead and indicated ongoing efforts for permanent ceasefire are fleeting. The civil w ...
Questions Emerge About GOP's Future Following Trump Acquittal
31min 31sec
On Saturday, February 13th, the Senate impeachment trial concluded after former President Donald Trump was acquitted on the charge of inciting an Insurrection at the Capitol on January 6th. While a ma ...
FOX News Rundown Extra: When Political Incivility Comes To Your Front Step
19min 10sec
On January 4th,  two days before the violence at the Capitol, protesters gathered outside the Virginia home of Senator Josh Hawley The Missouri Republican's decision to object to affirm Joe Biden's el ...
FOX News Rundown Extra: "Mostly A Show": Dr. Makary Slams W.H.O.'s Wuhan COVID Conclusion
23min 17sec
We're a year into the world's collective nightmare known as COVID-19.  It still feels like there are more questions than answers. On the FOX News Rundown earlier this week, host Lisa Brady spoke to Jo ...
Evening Edition: Are the Alexei Navalny Protests A Sign Of Change In Russia?
11min 2sec
Thousands of Russians in dozens of cities have and will continue to protest the jailing of opposition leader Alexei Navalny. Will these demonstrations bring change to a Russian political system contro ...
The Night A Mob Surrounded Sen. Hawley's Home
28min 22sec
On January 4th, two days before the violence at the Capitol that is now at the center of President Trump's second impeachment trial, protesters gathered outside the Virginia home of Senator Josh Hawle ...
Evening Edition: Iran Says Time Is Running Out For New Nuke Deal
14min 48sec
Tehran is telling the United States that the window is closing fast for a possible new nuclear deal or for Iran to rejoin the original one. FOX’s Trey Yingst speaks with Kasra Aarabi, of the Tony Blai ...
The Cost of Killing The Keystone XL Pipeline
32min 7sec
One of the first things President Biden did after being sworn in was put an immediate stop to the Keystone XL Pipeline project. The move was met with instant pushback as Republicans say the decision w ...
Evening Edition: CDC To Release New Guidelines On Reopening Schools
12min 13sec
The CDC will be unveiling a new plan to reopen schools but seems to be changing course from trying to vaccinate all teachers to focusing on COVID-19 mitigation. The plan will test the Biden Administra ...
The Political Stakes Of Trump's Second Impeachment Trial
31min 19sec
The Senate voted on Tuesday to move forward with the impeachment trial of former President Trump after listening to arguments on whether it is constitutional to try a president who has left office. Si ...
Evening Edition: Biden Immigration Plan Affects Democrats Minimum Wage Wish
15min 16sec
President Biden signed three executive orders last week aimed at reversing Trump administration immigration policies with a focus on changes regarding Latin American countries. Some critics of these r ...
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