Leaning in to Love Others (Even When We Disagree):  Rozella Haydée White

Leaning in to Love Others (Even When We Disag...

Have you ever had a conversation with a friend or loved one where you couldn’t find common ground about something that fundamentally mattered to you? Is it possible for those relationships to continue, even though you don’t see eye to eye? Today we’re wrapping up our For the Love of Reconnecting series and talking about some of the hardest reconnecting of all: how to stay engaged with and even love someone who thinks differently from us. To guide us through this rocky terrain, we have Rozella Haydée White—AKA the Love Big Coach. Rozella is a theologian, a spiritual life-coach and a leadership consultant who guides people to give and receive love that is life-giving and justice-seeking. Rozella and Jen walk through what it means to lean into the hardest conversations and make space for yourself and the ones you love (or have a hard time loving). Rozella reminds us that, “If we believe that people are created in the image of God, then I don't really have a choice but to believe in people.”   * * * Thank you to our sponsors! Noom | Sign up for your trial today at noom.com/forthelove KiwiCo | Get 30% off your first month at kiwico.com, promo code: FORTHELOVE ThirdLove | Get 20% off your first purchase at thirdlove.com/forthelove

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