Power Moms: Joann Lublin on how women in leadership successfully navigate work and life. Ep 186

Power Moms: Joann Lublin on how women in lead...

This episode starts with a discussion of summer 2021: are camp spreadsheets yet in effect? Laura and Sarah discuss the merits of keeping things simple (especially this year!). Then, Laura interviews former WSJ journalist Joann Lublin about what she has discovered studying the ways executive mothers navigate work and life. (Her new book on the topic -- Power Moms -- released earlier this month!). In the Q&A, Laura and Sarah answer a listener question about handling undefined chunks of time when kids are young.   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

FUN: A Deep Dive. Ep 185
37min 29sec
This episode is all about . . . fun! One of Laura's goals for the year was to cultivate more fun in her life, so this episode is an exploration of exactly what we find fun and how one might go about h ...
Growing Your Family During Medical School with Marlise Pierre-Wright. Ep 184
42min 23sec
Sarah and Laura open up with a discussion of winter doldrums (or lack thereof), and strategies for getting through February, which can feel like a long month (even though it's not!). Then, Sarah inter ...
Teens & Tweens: Exploring a New Frontier. Ep 183
46min 11sec
In this episode, Sarah and Laura talk about their current parenting stages, and then Sarah asks Laura all about issues pertaining to parenting tweens and teens, something Laura has been experiencing f ...
Making More Time with Dr. Christina Shenvi. Ep 179
44min 42sec
 In this first episode of the new year, Laura and Sarah ponder 2021 exercise ambitions. Then, Dr. Christina Shenvi, an emergency medicine physician who also coaches medical students and faculty on pro ...
Self-help, TV, and more with Kristen Meinzer. Ep 182
36min 13sec
In the intro, Sarah and Laura talk a little about the entertainment they currently enjoy. Then, Laura interviews Kristen Meinzer, the co-host of Movie Therapy with Rafer & Kristen, and By the Book (wi ...
Q&A Mailbag Episode! Ep 181
42min 7sec
It's another Q&A Mailbag episode! Topics are wide-ranging and fun, from travel tips (because someday we will travel again!), toy recommendations, postpartum fashion advice, postwork rituals, and conve ...
Quarantine Chronicles: SHU shares her family's experience. Ep 180
35min 18sec
SHU opens up about her family's experience with COVD-19 and subsequent quarantine. Everyone is currently doing okay as this airs, so her story has a hopeful ending! She shares their story, from gettin ...
Writing a Debut Novel During A Pandemic (and More!) with Simone de Munoz. Ep 178
41min 18sec
In the intro, Laura and Sarah talk about current weekend days with kids. Then guest Simone de Munoz joins Sarah to chat about balancing her own life and work as a nonprofit analyst who also wrote her ...
2021 Goals Episode. Ep 177
43min 17sec
It's an annual tradition - Laura and Sarah get together to review 2021 goals! Yes, this year may look different, but there are still lots of interesting things to pursue and think about. While it didn ...
2020 Retrospective: Lessons Learned. Ep 176
45min 13sec
This year was like no other (understatement!) and so Laura and Sarah take some time to review the lessons learned under the circumstances. They discuss newfound habits, those new baby days, and much m ...
Holiday Gift Extravaganza! Hacks, Ideas, and More! Ep. 175
39min 43sec
In this episode, Sarah and Laura share their favorite childhood gifts, and then move on to some general tips around gift giving and gift shopping. Learn how Laura keeps her gifts organized with 5 kids ...
Exploring Career Transitions with Ahlia Kitwana. Ep 174
47min 43sec
Laura and Sarah open up this episode by talking about some big news -- Laura is moving (though not very far!). She discusses how they made their decision while Sarah shares her family's plans to remai ...
Interview Series Part 2: Sarah Interviews Laura. Ep. 173
35min 47sec
The tables are turned, and now Sarah gets to ask Laura some of the same fun (yet revealing) questions, and also adds in some different ones! Laura reveals the inner core of her middle school self, som ...
Interview Series Part 1: Laura Interviews Sarah. Ep. 172
34min 57sec
We decided it would be fun to share interviews with each other -- so you can hear some varied content, some of it light and fun and some of it more unexpected! In Part 1 of this series, Laura intervie ...
Prematurity and Beyond with Colleen Blanco. Ep 171
45min 18sec
In this episode, attorney and mother of 3 Colleen Blanco shares her story about her experience with giving birth at 24 weeks and her subsequent NICU journey, including an emergency evacuation of the e ...
Dinner Uncomplicated with Claire Tansey. Ep 170
44min 41sec
Author Claire Tansey aims to make dinner more joyful and less complicated, and she joins Laura and Sarah to discuss ways to make that a reality, even when young kids & busy lifestyles may complicate t ...
Dr. Laura Erdman on Hormones & Women's Health Through the Lifecycle. Ep 169
48min 1sec
How long CAN you take hormones? Are perimenopausal mood swings a real thing, and what causes them? Is there any way to "skip" menopause? Are there any exciting new developments in contraception? Dr. L ...
Happiness and Parenting with Dentist and Podcaster Toni-Ann Mayembe. Ep 168
42min 11sec
In this episode, Laura and Sarah chat with their first dentist guest! Dr. Toni-Ann Mayembe is a dentist who also serves in the military reserves, and she also her own podcast as well! She is passionat ...
Some Good Things (an LV & SHU ep). Ep. 167
35min 24sec
It's an All Good Things episode. While no one would have wished for a pandemic, Sarah & Laura are finding that some things are settling out at this point in the new normal. Each came up with things go ...
Parenting in a Pandemic with Pediatrician Dr Kelly Fradin. Ep. 166
48min 42sec
This new season is all about risk/benefit calculation and understanding trends and analyzing data - not exactly quick or easy, especially when we are busy doing other things! Laura and Sarah discuss h ...
Rebecca Hart: new solo mother, small business owner and also Sarah's sister! Ep. 165
40min 4sec
Rebecca is a mother to 8 month old Miriam and also the owner of a small business (a yarn shop specializing in hand-dyed varieties, based in Cary NC). Rebecca took both plunges very bravely: leaving th ...
Foundation Habits & Fall Thoughts. Ep 164
40min 57sec
In this Laura & Sarah episode, the first discussion is about foundation habits -- what are the habits that seem to sustain everything else? Sleep definitely . . . and there is quite a tangent on baby ...
How to Cultivate Friendships at Work and Beyond with Shasta Nelson. Ep. 63
44min 9sec
Friendship certainly looks different these days . . . but it doesn't mean that connection is any less important! Author, speaker and connection expert Shasta Nelson joins Laura and Sarah to discuss th ...
Getting Our Kids Active with Athlete/Trainer/Entrepreneur Larissa Maloney. Ep 162
40min 48sec
Larissa Maloney is a mother of 2, teacher, and now business owner, running Active Kids 2.0 -- a virtual training studio for kids, from toddlers to teens! In this episode, Sarah shares her woes about g ...
More School Talk, A Work Schedule without Childcare, and Our 3rd Anniversary! Ep. 161
36min 20sec
School is about to start for some and has been in session for a few weeks for others! Laura and Sarah discuss some of the interesting remote education solutions they have seen arise in their areas. La ...
Midyear/Fall Goals for the rest of 2020. Ep 160
34min 0sec
This year has been rather . . . different than expected (understatement of the century). But, setting and reviewing goals can still be helpful to some. At the same time, it's also okay to have seasons ...
Stress Management, Mindfulness, and Meditation with Josephine Atluri. Ep 159
42min 36sec
Sarah and Laura open with their own stress management strategies, including a book rec. Then, meditation teacher and mother of 5 Josephine Atluri joins in to share her journey into learning about medi ...
Tablescapes, motherhood, and more with stylemaker and entrepreneur Riche Holmes Grant. Ep 158
42min 59sec
Laura and Sarah open with a brief discussion of Sarah's wardrobe makeover, and then Riche Holmes Grant joins in. In this fun interview, Riche describes her career journey, including how she went from ...
Introducing Best Laid Plans + Q&A Part 2. Ep 157
40min 52sec
Sarah's podcast dedicated to all things planning launched yesterday (let's hope it went well!) and now that Best Laid Plans is here, she takes a moment to talk about this fun new project -- structure, ...
Q&A, Pandemic & Beyond. Ep. 156
41min 59sec
In this episode Laura and Sarah answer your questions submitted through Instagram, including one that seemed to come up multiple times: what are we planning to do with our kids in the new school year? ...
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