United States Surpasses 500,00 Coronavirus Deaths

United States Surpasses 500,00 Coronavirus De...

United States surpasses 500,00 coronavirus deaths; Soon: Biden marks 500,000 United States COVID deaths with white house candle lighting ceremony and silence; Biden attorney General nominee wraps day one of confirmation hearing; Merrick Garland testifies "I am not the presidents lawyer"; Biden's COVID-19 relief bill passes key hurdle in house; full floor vote expected later this week; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit cnn.com/privacy

FDA Panel Recommends Authorizing Johnson & Johnson Vaccine
38min 5sec
The House is expected to vote on the $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill after the Senate rules that $15 minimum wage mandate can't be included. U.S. Capitol security review calls for adding 1,000 police ...
FDA Allows More Flexible Storage, Transportation Conditions for Pfizer-Biontech Covid-19 Vaccine
43min 1sec
Capitol police Chief warns militia groups want to “blow up the capitol” when Biden addresses Congress. Biden: We have “a long way to go” against Covid. Biden marks 50 million Covid-19 vaccines given o ...
White House Announces Pandemic National Emergency Extended
38min 28sec
The White House has announced that the pandemic national emergency has been extended into its second year. The FDA said that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine meets the requirements for the emergency use ...
Tiger Woods Taken To The Hospital In Serious Condition After Car Wreck
51min 31sec
Tiger Woods taken to the hospital in serious condition, reportedly in surgery for leg injuries after car flipped; Los Angeles Sheriff's official says Woods injuries are "non-life threatening" Golf Dig ...
At Least 50 Deaths Across 9 States Due To Winter Storms
44min 36sec
Texans facing another night of record cold as the death toll climbs to at least 50 and a water crisis affects 14.9 million people. Texas Governor pledges to ensure power crisis "never happens again". ...
Texas Governor Signs Major Disaster Declaration, Awaiting Biden’s Approval
38min 36sec
Gov. Abbott (Texas) reports that power has been restored to 2 million homes, and that 325,000 are still in the dark. 100 million people are in the path of a deadly winter storm system. President Biden ...
New Study Suggests Pfizer Vaccine is Effective Against South African Variant
38min 45sec
President Biden seeks to clarify his stance on vaccinations for teachers and reopening schools after shifting messages. He also promises 600 million Covid vaccine doses by July. A source says the Hous ...
Soon: Biden To Pitch Pandemic Relief Plan Directly To Public In CNN Town Hall
40min 30sec
Soon: Biden to pitch pandemic relief plan directly to public In CNN Town Hall; Leading house democrats NAACP sue Trump for conspiracy to incite United States capitol riot; Moderate and Progressive dem ...
Pelosi: Congress to establish independent comission to investigate "Facts and Causes" of January6 attack
39min 32sec
Pelosi: Congress to establish independent comission to investigate "Facts and Causes" of January6 attack. Trump facing legal trouble despite senate acquittal.Biden to make first official trip of presi ...
Impeachment Managers Wrap Case, Trump Defense Tomorrow
38min 23sec
House Democrats use rioters words to argue that Trump “lit the fuse” of insurrection. GOP senators praise impeachment managers; no minds appear to be changed. President Biden says the US has secured a ...
House Managers To Show New Evidence In Case Against Trump
1h 1min
House managers are showing new evidence, chilling surveillance video of insurrection, in the impeachment case against former President Donald Trump. House managers show a video of hero officer Eugene ...
Six GOP Senators Join Democrats, Vote Impeachment Trial is Constitutional
39min 4sec
House managers make a compelling case by tying Trump’s “fight like hell” speech to graphic videos and images from the Capitol insurrection. Trump's lawyers argue against the constitutionality of his i ...
Senate Leaders Lay Out Rules For Impeachment Trial Proceedings
42min 19sec
On the eve of former President Donald Trump's second impeachment trial, senate leaders have set out rules for the proceedings. Schumer says that each side will get 16 hours, over two days, to present ...
House Follows Senate In Passing Key Step To Allow COVID Relief
48min 26sec
With the House following the Senate in laying the ground work for a COVID relief bill, President Biden builds case for moving "fast" on COVID relief, saying Republicans either want "to do nothing or n ...
House Voting on Removing Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from Committees
40min 20sec
Rep. Greene admits that school shootings and 9/11 are real. President Biden declares “America is back” as he announces major foreign policy shifts in a rebuke of Trump. Trump is refusing to testify un ...
House GOP Weighs Fates Of Greene, Cheney In Test Of Divided Party
43min 31sec
The House GOP weighs the fates of Rep. Greene and Rep. Cheney, during a critical meeting, in a test of the divided GOP party. Sources say that Cheney have an eight minute speech near the top of the me ...
Biden Signs Immigration Executive Orders To Reunite Separated Families
43min 55sec
President Joe Biden has signed an immigration executive order that established a task force to reunite separated families. According to the White House, Biden will not be bending on the 1.9 trillion r ...
Biden Meeting With GOP Senators On Covid Relief
44min 9sec
President Joe Biden met with GOP senators about covid relief, while the United States tops 442,000 covid deaths and 26.2 million covid cases. The GOP senators' proposals are less than one third the si ...
Manhunt Intensifying For Insurrection Pipe Bomb Suspect
40min 51sec
The FBI is reaching out to the public in search of any leads that result in the capture of the unidentified suspect who planted bombs at the DNC and RNC on the night before the insurrection at the Cap ...
Acting U.S. Capitol Police Chief Calls for Permanent Fencing Around the Capitol
39min 25sec
The Chief is also asking for back-up forces nearby. Court documents reveal that a suspect with gun was arrested near the Capitol. He had “stop the steal paperwork,” and list of lawmakers on him. Amid ...
DHS Warns About Potential Violence by Domestic Extremists
39min 22sec
The Department of Homeland Security has issued a bulletin over the “heightened threat environment” following President Biden's inauguration. The U.S. coronavirus death toll has now topped 427,000 with ...
Biden Promises To Have Enough Covid Vaccines For All By Summer
35min 11sec
President Biden announces his plan to buy 200 million more coronavirus vaccine doses. Biden also promises to have enough coronavirus vaccines for all 300 million Americans by the end of the summer. He ...
Soon: House to deliver article of impeachment against Trump to the Senate
39min 24sec
Soon: House to deliver article of impeachment against Trump to the Senate; President Biden thinks that the United States could get 1.5 Million people vaccinated per day. President Biden lifts transgen ...
Trump's Senate Impeachment Trial Delayed Until February
46min 15sec
As President Biden sets forth establishing his new government while focusing on the pandemic and economy, the Senate decides to delay the Trump impeachment trial until February.  With the COVID-19 dea ...
Biden Sets Goal of 100 Million Vaccinations in 100 Days
44min 22sec
President Biden orders a mask mandate on federal property. 408,000+ U.S. Covid deaths and nearly 25 million cases exactly one year after the first known infection. Biden signs a “wartime” action on Co ...
President Joe Biden In Oval Office For First Time After Swearing In
50min 1sec
President Joe Biden in the Oval Office for the first time since being sworn in. Biden signs 17 executive actions that undoes Trump policies. BIden signs his first executive order that mandates masks i ...
Biden-Harris Memorial for Covid-19 Victims
58min 57sec
Wolf Blitzer awaits the start of the Biden-Harris memorial for the Covid-19 victims. At the same time, the United States has crossed 400,000 American Covid deaths on the final day of Trump's presidenc ...
Fortressed DC & Nation Brace for Unprecedented Transfer of Power
39min 10sec
Washington, D.C., and Nation brace for unprecedented transfer of power; FBI Vetting National Guard as Pentagon Chief says "we are leaving no stone unturned in securing Capitol"; More than 80 people fa ...
New Security Bulletin Says Domestic Terrorism Most Likely Threat to Inauguration
40min 48sec
With D.C. and the capitals of all 50 states on high alert, the Justice Department opens 275 cases in Capitol siege probe, with more expected to come in the following days.  The Pentagon authorizes 25, ...
20,000 National Guard Troops Expected in DC for Biden's Inauguration
39min 17sec
The Washington Post reports that extremists on the FBI’s terrorist watch list were in D.C. last week for pro-Trump events. Source says that the Senate GOP is torn over convicting Trump. “There’s no lo ...
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