360. 1Upsmanship: Cyberpunk 2077 (Feat. Max Scoville)

360. 1Upsmanship: Cyberpunk 2077 (Feat. Max S...

Max Scoville, another friend/host/podcaster from IGN, joins Michael and Adam to discuss the hopeful hit of 2020, Cyberpunk 2077. Months after the game’s launch, which was sensationalized by its bugs and recalls, can we look at the game with more objective eyes or will it never recover, kid? Well, Samurai, eavesdrop on whether or not this game was worth its decade-long development. Max Scoville: https://twitter.com/MaxScoville Michael Swaim: https://twitter.com/SWAIM_CORP Adam Ganser: https://twitter.com/therealganz Support Small Beans and access Additional Content: https://www.patreon.com/SmallBeans

367. BOLD: On State Surveillance and Repression (Feat. Hamid Khan)
51min 39sec
BOLD is a podcast about race and justice in America, and a collaboration between Small Beans and Showing Up For Racial Justice, produced by White People 4 Black Lives. In this episode, co-hosts Dahlia ...
364. Rough Stuff: Gretchen Dawson, Unenthusiastic Marionette Puppeteer
1h 2min
Actor and sketch writer/producer Gretchen Dawson jumps on the mic for this episode! Gretchen tells us tales of her childhood with her accidentally woke bullies and her split lives at home and school. ...
362. Directorpiece Theatre - Steadicam: The Hero Christopher Nolan Needed in The Dark Knight
1h 35min
Adam tells us the history and classic use of the Steadicam so we can better understand how Christopher Nolan uses it. Not only is he unique in his deployment of the tool but Nolan’s signature speed an ...
361. Tales from the Pit: Just Two Divorced Guys (Feat. Cristian Ramirez)
1h 5min
Two of the warmest hosts to bless this podcast network take a moment to reflect on some of their coldest days. Both Michael Swaim and Cristian Ramirez have gone through divorces. Cristian, the more re ...
359. Frame Rate: Wonder Woman 1984 (Feat. Seanbaby)
1h 4min
Seanbaby joins the beans to discuss their collective disdain for the recent Wonder Woman movie! They pick apart its many plot holes, discuss the state of the union of DC and Marvel universes, but end ...
357. Rough Stuff - Third-Rate Romantic Hero: The Daniel O’Brien Story
1h 1min
Daniel O’Brien, writer for Last Week Tonight and original gangster, joins Bridgett and Sarah for a candid discussion of how teenagers fall for the allure of playing the role of a protagonist in a trag ...
356. I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours: The Album That Changed You
1h 6min
In this musical episode, the hosts each select the album in their lives that changed them. So we have two albums here. The artists are Dashboard Confessional and Bob Dylan. Close your eyes and guess w ...
355. Directorpiece Theatre: The Insane Craftsmanship of House (1977)
1h 23min
Abe walks us through the plethora of editorial, post-production, and camera tricks used by Nobuhiko Obayashi, the director of the Japanese horror comedy, House. From cutting out mattes and placing the ...
353. Kings of King: Maximum Overdrive
1h 8min
The horror! The horror! Stephen King himself helms another cars-gone-mad sci-fi/action/horror narrative and the results are disastrous. The boys discuss the lazy filmmaking, slapped together scene wor ...
352. 1Upsmanship: Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 (Feat. Vanessa Gritton)
1h 14min
Vanessa Gritton joins the co-hosts for the recent remastering of the OG and sequel of the classic Tony Hawk Pro Skater franchise. The gang reminiscences on the changes from the original releases and h ...
354. Tales from the Pit: Autism, Depression, and Intersectionality During Covid (Feat. Alebrelle)
1h 14min
Tales from the Pit returns with a COVID retrospective. Sitting down with Michael is Twitch Streamer, Creator, and Advocate Alebrelle. The two discuss what it’s been like during quarantine as an autist ...
351. Frame Rate - Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (Feat. Sarah Griffith)
1h 13min
Oh, behave. Sarah has joined the boys to discuss the 1997 Mike Myers film and its cultural impact on the United States, baby. Does it hold up after 24 years? Is it as horny as we all remember? Abe rui ...
352. Directorpiece Theatre: How a Director Can Undermine A (Potentially) Good Script
1h 14min
Adam chooses to examine 1998’s Murder of Crows, a forgotten Cuba Gooding Jr. vehicle. In the episode, we examine the work of Rowdy Herrington, also popular for Road House, and his directorial approach ...
351. I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours: Movie Experience You Represent
1h 47min
Here’s the premise. Maggie chose a movie for Adam and Adam chose a movie for Maggie. The goal was to choose a movie that encapsulates their co-host. Then, the chooser finds out if the other can deciph ...
350. Frame Rate: Seven Psychopaths (Feat. Jordan Breeding)
1h 11min
Michael, Abe, and the current head of videos at Cracked.com, Jordan Breeding, take a look at 2012’s Seven Psychopaths. They discuss the similarities of Quentin Tarantino’s films and the films of direc ...
352. NOSIDE - Short Stories & Poems By Michael Swaim
3h 21min
Written and read by Michael Swaim. Score by Davey Francis. Table of Contents: 0:00 - Introduction & Acknowledgements 2:00 - The Show Must Go On... 25:30 - ...And It Goes Like This (A Fable) 1:04:10 - ...
348. Directorpiece Theatre: How Speed (1994) Is Sneaky Smart
1h 5min
Yeah! Abe’s gonna talk about lines! Lines of Speed! Strap yourself into a chair and prepare to be lifted into the air at 50 mph! Alright, everyone calm down. It’s not that impressive. It’s just Abe ta ...
349. Rough Stuff - Adam Ganser: Growth Spurts and Christian Sex Ed
1h 42min
The Rough Stuff gang invites Adam Ganser to share his awkward stories from days past. As a bonus, Adam and Sarah unwittingly foster a therapy session for Bridgett. The gang discusses how effective, or ...
345. 1Upsmanship: Death Stranding
1h 13min
Get ready for Michael and Adam (the Uppers) to have some contention. Michael waxes poetic about the power of this video game’s story and the experience he had while playing it. Adam on the other hand ...
343. Bewilderments & Scientifics: How Sound Works (Feat. General MacTavish)
1h 4min
*We are releasing this show's pilot episode for public consumption. If you'd like to hear more, subscribe to our Patreon!* We here at Small Beans have reached out to Professor Scott Bug, Master of Cer ...
344. Kings of King: Christine
1h 27min
Perhaps the most important evil car horror film you’ll ever see, John Carpenter directs the 1983 adaptation of King’s Christine. Michael and Abe talk about how they accomplished the car regeneration s ...
347. The Cast and the Curious - Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw
1h 11min
A very special episode featuring the film that explodes the franchise into spin-off. This episode was recorded live on YouTube on Dec. 20th, edited now for your podcast format listening enjoyment. You ...
346. I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours: Family Movies
1h 16min
Our patrons have spoken! This episode takes the family movies that were watched in their youth. Also, listen for a lengthy list of producers, so if you pay more than $10 here, hear your name read on t ...
341. Frame Rate: Bee Movie (Feat. Katie Goldin)
1h 22min
Katie Goldin, host of the Creature Feature Podcast, joins the beans for an examination of the tropes of animated bug movies. Along with the absolute nonsense that is Bee Movie, the gang also talk abou ...
342. Frame Rate: The Quick and the Dead (Feat. Katy Stoll)
1h 16min
Our long time bean and collaborator, Katy Stoll, the producer of Some More News stops by the pod and talks about westerns, Sam Raimi, the 1990s, and how long it’s been since we last saw each other. Sa ...
339. Kings of King: Thinner
1h 11min
Thinner has 15% on rotten tomatoes. Is it that bad? Michael and I discuss how this film fails and how it actually succeeds, and they place it on their on-going ranked list of the Stephen King canon. S ...
340. Directorpiece Theatre: How a Good Director Fixes a Bad Screenplay
1h 23min
Adam’s turn! He takes a look at the film Drive (2011) and examines how through the use of staging, editing, and deploying a clear tone, Nicolas Winding Refn took a mediocre script and made it worth wa ...
337. The Cast and the Curious: The Fate of the Furious
1h 40min
In this episode, the franchise finishes its run with a $250 million movie and with it, the technical completion of this podcast. Bridgett and Sarah cover the movie and say farewell… OR DO THEY?! Actua ...
339. BOLD: Questions from the Mailbag
1h 3min
Production note: This episode was recorded before the election. BOLD is a podcast about race and justice in America, and a collaboration between Small Beans and Showing Up For Racial Justice, produced ...
338. 1Upsmanship: Hades (Feat. Kevin Anderson)
1h 8min
Michael and Adam are joined by Kevin Anderson, apparently the 3rd host. He hosts the podcast “Bleak in Review” on the Unpopular Opinion podcast network and now apparently this show! Today, the gang ex ...
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