Market weekly – Which way for carbon and offshore wind pricing in the energy transition?

Market weekly – Which way for carbon and offs...

Market mechanisms can play an important role in managing the energy transition. In two markets, recent developments have signalled potential shifts: carbon prices appear to be heading higher in anticipation of the introduction of green hydrogen, while the cost of offshore wind could jump as competition heats up. Chief sustainability strategist Mark Lewis explains.

Market weekly - Fresh impetus to ESG investing
11min 49sec
The pandemic has led to greater awareness of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues, both in a personal and business sense. This has reinforced the case for ESG investing as a way to do goo ...
Market weekly – Looking for pockets of value in high-yield bonds
15min 54sec
Massive financial support from governments and central banks during the lockdowns in 2020 underpinned valuations for European high-yield bonds. The secret to doing well this year will be a total retur ...
Market weekly – A true alternative: private debt and real assets
16min 33sec
Private debt and real asset markets can offer investors meaningful return potential along with diversification. David Bouchoucha, head of private debt and real assets, discusses the opportunities of t ...
Market Weekly - Climate Change, A Critical Issue For Our Time
13min 32sec
The pandemic has underscored existential problems, climate change in particular. This is spurring a wave of awareness, ambitious projects and investments in technology that will be crucial for decades ...
Market Weekly – Spend, Spend, But No Inflation In Sight
12min 55sec
US government spending to help the economy cope with the dire consequences of COVID-19 looks set to reach record peacetime levels, but absent a boost to inflation, it is unlikely to set in motion a pu ...
Market Weekly – Equities’ Dashboard Signals Another Good Run
17min 44sec
Equities look set for a positive 2021: last year’s themes and secular change should persist with support coming from factors such as dovish monetary policies. However, risks linger, not least those re ...
Market weekly – Water, water, everywhere – and in your portfolio?
17min 4sec
A finite resource in ever growing demand, water represents a durable growth area in both developed markets suffering from underinvestment and emerging markets in need of more infrastructure. As the ap ...
Market Weekly – Eurozone Interest Rates Are Near The Bottom
18min 12sec
Eurozone interest rates are “at the floor” of the short end of the government bond yield curve, pushing investors towards the longer end as they seek areas in fixed income that can still offer an attr ...
Market Weekly - Multi-Factor Equity Investing - Turning The Corner After A Difficult 2020
15min 47sec
Underperformance of multi-factor equity investing in 2020 has led some investors to question the strategy. Raul Leote de Carvalho, deputy head of our quantitative research group, discusses the reasons ...
Market weekly – What we expect for 2021
10min 17sec
How can investors navigate the next phases of the pandemic, its legacy, and the ensuing economic recovery? Can we solve the climate crisis at the same time as the world tackles the social and economic ...
Market weekly – Embark on the engine of growth with Asian equities
15min 26sec
Asian equities have come through the pandemic standing tall and the prospects are for a continued strong run as household wealth rises and economies grow. Zhikai Chen, Head of Asian Equities, discusse ...
Market weekly – “It’s the virus, stupid”
20min 48sec
The main factor determining the US economic outlook has been and will be the course of the pandemic, with the incoming administration’s ability to deal with its effects on the economy and business han ...
Market weekly – Greener becomes prominent on food investing menu
16min 6sec
Changing awareness is driving a shift in consumers’ relationship with food, limiting their appetite for animal products and boosting their interest in the environmental, social and health aspects of w ...
Market weekly – US MBS: a solid foundation and more
12min 31sec
US mortgage-backed securities (MBS) currently offer an attractive yield pick-up over US Treasuries and have even greater appeal over comparable bonds elsewhere, which in many cases bear negative inter ...
Market weekly – Chinese equities are go
12min 9sec
China’s stocks appear to have left boom and bust behind. After outpacing major markets since a COVID-induced dip, Chinese equity markets are on a much better footing with the recent gains propelled by ...
Market weekly – US election: four more years or a new course?
13min 1sec
Some three weeks ahead of the US presidential election, it is time to assess the latest polls and the implications for economic policy and financial markets of a Trump or Biden win. US economist Mark ...
Market weekly – Looking under the hood of disruptive technology
13min 41sec
The pandemic has caused a quantum leap in growth in areas such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence and automation. Yet this trend may well have much further to run. Guy Davies, CIO of Equities ...
Market weekly – Carbon neutrality is achievable by 2050
16min 22sec
The EU’s new targets for emissions reductions are realistic and achievable and should lift the price of CO2, encouraging more emitters to switch to doing business in a more environmentally friendly wa ...
Market weekly – Infrastructure debt for the long run
14min 32sec
Investment in infrastructure debt could provide institutional investors with long-dated, high-quality cash flows. These can serve to match liabilities, provide yield enhancement potential relative to ...
Market weekly – Still room for positive yields in USD, GBP money markets
14min 1sec
Central banks provided economies with ample cash as the economic effects of the COVID-19 health crisis bit, driving down interest rates – and absolute returns – in the process, but as Philippe Renaudi ...
Market weekly - Reducing the risk of digital inequality
17min 1sec
The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digitalisation trends in education, healthcare and commerce. However, many citizens are at risk of being left behind in the move to a digitalised society. Anu Ram ...
Market weekly - US small caps stand to expand their lead on large caps
16min 26sec
Large-scale stimulus measures, a cyclical bounce for the economy and attractive valuations have converged to brighten the prospects for US small capitalisation stocks. Pamela Woo, head of US equities, ...
Market weekly - Fintech in emerging markets equals access to financial services and more
17min 52sec
Many emerging markets are displaying an appetite for digital payments and, in the wake of that, e-commerce. This, coupled with the proliferation of smart phones, is engendering wider access to financi ...
Market weekly - Fixed income is now a bond picker’s market
22min 41sec
Bond yields have fallen ever lower as the COVID-19 recession and disinflation have forced central banks and governments to implement whatever-it-takes measures to save jobs and industries. In doing so ...
Market weekly – The environment, an extraordinary investment opportunity
17min 49sec
Demand for energy, food and water is set to grow significantly over the next 20 years as the global population grows. Meeting this demand while reducing carbon emissions and addressing environmental c ...
Market weekly - Private debt and real assets: a resilient asset class across cycles
22min 38sec
Investors looking for alternative and resilient sources of yield as mainstream investments are held back in an environment of ‘lower for longer’ growth and inflation are increasingly eyeing private de ...
Market weekly - Much too little inflation or too much inflation: which will it be?
17min 18sec
Whatever-it-takes spending programmers by governments and central banks to prop up economies stricken by the COVID-19 pandemic have raised concerns that this wall of money will unleash inflation in th ...
Market weekly - The case for global emerging market equities
16min 34sec
In this week’s podcast, Vincent Nichols, investment specialist for global emerging market (EM) equities, discusses the case for EM equities with Daniel Morris, our senior market strategist. Get more: ...
Market weekly - What to expect after the Great Pandemic of 2020
13min 29sec
The unprecedented crisis caused by COVID-19 has left asset allocators disorientated. Uncertainty has deepened and the outlook is now for bond and equity returns to be lower for even longer, making the ...
Market weekly – Factor investing in equities: lessons from the COVID-19 crisis
12min 14sec
In the recent equity market rally, exposures to factors did not perform as expected. In this podcast, we discuss the particularities of the rally and the outlook for factor investing. Get more: https: ...
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