Getting to WOW - Secrets of Pitching to VCs - with Bill Reichert, Garage Technology Ventures and Pegasus Tech Ventures

Getting to WOW - Secrets of Pitching to VCs -...

If you are contemplating VC funding, this episode of the Metrics that Measure Up podcast is like receiving a master's degree in pitching to VCs from Bill Reichert and his book "Getting to Wow"Key concepts covered include: Ensure your pitch follows the three C's- Clear- Compelling- CredibleCLEAR is removing the complexityDo not fall into the "experts curse" - only you have the depth of expertise on the topic- Ensure anyone can understand what you do in 1-2 sentences- Test your message with fresh brains before your pitch to VCsCOMPELLING - Investors are human - they invest with their "heart" - not just their "head"Ensure your pitch invokes emotional engagement- Go beyond the facts and use short stories ofhow customers are being positively impacted- Imagine if..."CREDIBLE - phrases like "disrupt the entire health care industry" or "we can capture 10% of the market and have $1B in revenue" - can negatively impact your credibility- real life customer stories and proof points go much fartherPITCH DECK - their is no template that fits every pitch but a common theme is - LESS slides is much better (15 or fewer)STORY TELLING - Do not use a single story arc or start with a personal story that led to your creation-use small stories to highlight key pointsEnsure you highlight the SPEED and EFFICIENCY of your Customer Acquisition to highlight your customer acquisition process is repeatable and scalable.  Key metrics go beyond just sales cycle length and customer acquisition cost, but also efficiency metrics like Customer Lifetime Value to CAC ratio and your gross margin.Getting to WOW is based upon observing and participating in thousands of entrepreneur pitches to VC's and has been distilled into a guide for any first time or even experienced founder evaluating VC funding.

Breaking Barriers in B2B Sales - with Gidget Pugh, Socially Focused
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B2B SaaS Finance and Metrics - A European Perspective - with Joyce Mackenzie Liu, Pegafund
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The Wayback Machine + Internet Archive with Brewster Kahle - Founder and Chief Librarian
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Strategic Acquisition or IPO? - with Tom Reilly - Former CEO, Cloudera and ArcSight
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LinkedIn Co-founder Konstantin Guericke - The keys to building a long lasting B2B Network
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B2B Communities caught fire in 2020 - especially B2B sales communities.  Revenue Collective, Sales Hacker, Modern Sales Pros, RevGenuis, and Bravado all dramatically increased their membership and lev ...
An Entrepreneur's Inner Voice of Doubt - with Mike Smerklo, Next Coast Ventures and Mr. Monkey and Me author
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Mike Smerklo is by any measure a story of entrepreneurial success.   Mike founded a search fund which led to the early stage acquisition of ServiceSource, and he took it to over $300M in revenue,  too ...
Selling the Cloud - Part 2 with Paul Melchiorre and Mark Petruzzi
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In this episode, we continue the discussion with the authors of Selling the Cloud. Building upon the first half of our conversation where we discussed the need for grit and passion to be success full ...
Selling the Cloud - Part 1 with Paul Melchiorre and Mark Petruzzi
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In this episode of the Metrics that Measure Up podcast we are joined by Paul Melchiorre and Mark Petruzzi - authors of Selling the Cloud.Paul has over 30 years of experience in enterprise sales leader ...
Revenue Team Communities - with Jared Robin, RevGenius
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B2B Sales communities are all the rage in 2020.  Sales Hacker, Modern Sales Pro, Bravado, Revenue Collective and now RevGenius are building B2B sales communities to provide experiences, connections, i ...
Marketing and Sales Alignment - How it can impact Customer Acquisition Performance - with Howard Brown - ringDNA
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In this episode of the Metrics that Measure Up podcast we are joined by Howard Brown,  Founder and CEO of ringDNA.How does being a clinical psychologist lead to founding a Sales Engagement Platform co ...
Founding Father of Marketing Automation - Anurag Khemka
34min 16sec
Founding a B2B SaaS company is an exhilarating, yet high-risk experience. Creating a new market category at the same time even higher risk and often serves primarily to pave the path for second-genera ...
The Founder's Journey - with DocuSign founding CEO - Court Lorenzini
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KPIs that SaaS CFOs track - with David Appel - Sage Intacct
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In this episode of the Metrics that Measure Up podcast - David Appel, Head of the SaaS Vertical at Sage Intacct shares his insights and lessons learned from over 1,500+ SaaS financial solution impleme ...
Lessons Learned from Co-Founding Marketo and Engagio - with Jon Miller
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In this episode of the Metrics that Measure Up podcast, we talk with Jon Miller, co-founder of Marketo and Engagio,  and now Chief Product Officer at Demandbase is a MarTech visionary. Marketo was pur ...
Middle Market Opportunity - with Thomas Stewart - National Center for the Middle Market
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In today's episode of the Metrics that Measure Up podcast, Thomas Stewart, Executive  Director for the National Center for the Middle Market shares some very interesting insights into the 200,000 comp ...
B2B SaaS Sales Compensation in 2020 - with Sally Duby - The Bridge Group
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In today's episode of the Metrics that Measure Up, Sally Duby, Chief Sales Officer at The Bridge Grop discussed the findings from their Sales Compensation research conducted in August, 2020 in partner ...
B2B SaaS KPIs - with William Cordes - KPI Sense
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In this episode of the Metrics that Measure Up podcast, William Cordes, Founder and CEO of KPI Sense share the insights and perspectives gained from providing CFO and finance advisory services to  Saa ...
Net Dollar Retention Rate - with Kris Beible - Software Equity Group
26min 8sec
In this episode of the Metrics that Measure Up, Kristopher Beible, Vice President at Software Equity Group discusses the importance of Net Dollar Retention on SaaS company enterprise value, both for p ...
Product Led Growth - with Kyle Poyar - OpenView Partners
44min 53sec
In this episode of the Metrics that Measure Up, Kyle Poyar, Vice President of Growth at OpenView Partners discusses a Product Led Growth Go-To-Market motion for B2B SaaS companies.High growth B2B SaaS ...
Ten Laws of SaaS and Cloud - with Byron Deeter - Bessemer Venture Partners
45min 7sec
In this episode of Metrics that Measure Up, we are joined by Byron Deeter, Partner at Bessemer Venture Partners, and one of the founding fathers of SaaS and Cloud Metrics.Byron first published the 10 ...
Conversation Flow Rate - with Chris Beall - ConnectandSell
40min 27sec
In this episode of Metrics that Measure Up, Chris Beall, CEO of ConnectandSell shares a wide variety of Key Performance Indicators and Benchmarks gained from over 10 million dials and over 500,000 B2B ...
Recruitment Metrics - with John Younger - RecruiterShare
42min 56sec
In this episode of Metrics that Measure Up, John Younger, Founder and Chief Collaborator at RecruiterShare shares his insights developed over his thirty-plus years of experience in all things talent a ...
Side Hustles & Personal Brand Building - with Amy Volas
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In this episode of "Metrics that Measure Up, Amy Volas shares her insights and perspectives on the concepts of side hustles and personal brand building for B2B sales professionals.Amy has seen every s ...
Modern B2B Selling - Are the motivations different today? - with Andy Paul, RingDNA
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In this episode of "Metrics that Measure Up", Andy Paul, the host of The Sales Enablement Podcast and Ray discuss how and if the modern B2B Seller is different today than yesterday.Topics covered incl ...
Sales Quota and Compensation - Not built for today's customer centric world - with Sahil Mansuri, Bravado
41min 34sec
In this episode, Sahil Mansuri, the Founder and CEO of  Bravado, a network of over 70,000 sales professionals, discusses how yesterday's Quota and Compensation models are not relevant in today's, cust ...
Revenue Operations - What, Why and How to Measure Business Impact - Jason Reichl, Go Nimbly
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In this episode of Metrics that Measure Up, our guest - Jason Reichl, CEO of Go Nimbly answers a wide variety of questions on the evolving function of Revenue Operations.Topics include why Revenue Ope ...
Sales Development in SaaS - Question and Answer Session with David Dulany - Tenbound
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Sales Development is a rapidly growing professional for early career professionals in the B2B SaaS industry.David Dulany, founder and CEO of Tenbound was an early industry thought leader for Sales Dev ...
Customer Buying Journey - How Customers Buy and Why They Don't - with Martyn Lewis
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