Lakers/Wizards, Patriots QB options, Russell Wilson, LeBron's workload

Lakers/Wizards, Patriots QB options, Russell ...

00:00 Time for LeBron and the Lakers to hit the panic button after their 3rd straight loss? 15:10 Which QB do the Patriots need to get back to the playoffs? 25:04 Why hasn’t come out and affirmed their commitment to Russell Wilson? 32:57 Should the Lakers consider reducing LeBron’s workload? 42:24 Drawing A Blank 58:44 Stories to Start Your Morning Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

James Harden's MVP chances, J.J. Watt to the Cardinals, Fast Break
55min 6sec
00:00 Has James Harden officially entered the MVP discussion? 14:05 How surprised are you that J.J. Watt signed with the Cardinals? 25:10 Drawing A Blank 33:48 Fast Break 45:10 Stories to Start Your M ...
Bucks/Clippers, Cowboys + Russell Wilson, Fast Break, Drew Brees
1h 5min
00:00 What was your biggest takeaway from the Bucks 105-100 win over the Clippers yesterday? 10:55 Are the Cowboys making a mistake by laughing off a Dak for Russ trade? 23:11 Fast Break 33:49 Are the ...
Russell Wilson + Deshaun Watson trade demands, Fast Break, Giannis vs. Zion
1h 2min
00:00 What are the chances Russell Wilson is on the Seahawks Week 1? 13:58 Is there any reason for the Texans to hold onto Deshaun Watson now that he’s officially demanded a trade? 24:50 Surprised the ...
Lakers/Jazz, Brady's future, Nets, Jimmy G, Celtics
1h 12min
00:00 Should we be giving credit to the Jazz for their 25-point win or criticism of the Lakers for their 4th straight loss? 12:40 Are the Bucs making a mistake allowing Brady to dictate his future? 23 ...
Tiger Woods, Deshaun Watson, Nick's NBA MVP ladder, Ben Roethlisberger's return
1h 17min
00:00 Nick, Brandon & Jenna discuss Tiger Woods recovering from surgery after yesterday’s car accident. 9:35 Fast Break 22:45 Which team would Deshaun Watson be best set up for success next season: Je ...
Nets/Clippers, Carson Wentz's Colts, Joel Embiid's MVP chances
1h 7min
00:00 Starting to believe the Nets are title contenders after beating the Clippers for their 6th straight win? 11:27 What is Carson Wentz’s ceiling in year 1 with the Colts? 24:14 Fast Break 36:57 Has ...
Week's Best (Bucs' repeat chances, Michael McDowell joins, Carson Wentz trade)
33min 52sec
00:00 What’re the chances Brady can get the Bucs back to the Super Bowl next year? 13:47 Michael McDowell joins the show to discuss the Daytona 500 22:05 Who won the Carson Wentz trade: Eagles or Colt ...
Nets/Lakers recap, Carson Wentz trade, Deshaun Watson's options, Fast Break, No Huddle
1h 13min
00:00 Was last night more about the Nets’ win or the Lakers’ loss? 11:06 Who won the Carson Wentz trade: Eagles or Colts? 23:46 Fast Break 39:04 Should Deshaun Watson be okay with a trade to a team li ...
Best Big 3s, Ben Roethlisberger's future, Fast Break, QB Pressure, No Huddle
1h 13min
00:00 Which Big 3 would you rather have: KD, Steph, and Klay or KD, Kyrie and Harden? 13:42 What do Steelers GM Kevin Colbert’s comments mean for Big Ben & Pittsburgh? 25:37 Fast Break 37:05 Which QB ...
Nets/Suns, Odell Beckham Jr., Brady + Belichick, Fast Break, No Huddle
1h 25min
00:00 What is the biggest takeaway from the Nets’ 24-pt comeback win over the Suns last night? 10:58 Should other teams still consider OBJ a franchise-altering weapon when targeting him in a trade? 25 ...
Lakers without AD, Russell Wilson, Michael McDowell joins, Carson Wentz trade options
1h 22min
00:00 Is LeBron up to the challenge of carrying the Lakers with AD sidelined? 12:05 Buying the Seahawks can make it work with Russell Wilson? 25:13 Drawing A Blank 37:33 Michael McDowell joins the sho ...
AD's injury, Bucs' repeat chances, Jalen Hurts, Nets
1h 16min
00:00 How concerned should Lakers fans be after Anthony Davis re-aggravated his Achilles injury in last night’s loss to the Nuggets? 12:05 What’re the chances Brady can get the Bucs back to the Super ...
Week's Best (Michael Vick on Super Bowl LV, Bucs' RB Ronald Jones + LB Shaq Barrett join the show)
34min 46sec
Revisit the BEST segments from this week's slate of shows: 00:00 Michael Vick joins to recap Super Bowl LV. 11:25 Bucs’ RB Ronald Jones joins the show. 22:27 Bucs LB Shaq Barrett joins the show. Learn ...
Russell Wilson, Cam Newton, Brandon's WR Free Agent Fits, Fast Break
1h 7min
00:00 What’s more likely in Week 1: Russ playing for the Seahawks or another team? 11:45 What do you make of Cam Newton telling Brandon he would be happy to return to the Patriots? 23:44 Brandon’s WR ...
Bucs' Super Bowl boat parade, Russell Wilson, Fast Break, LeBron James, Shaq Barrett joins the show
1h 5min
00:00 Will Brady and the Bucs be celebrating another Super Bowl boat parade this time next year? 12:10 Is the relationship between the Seahawks and Russell Wilson sustainable? 26:05 Fast Break 34:19 B ...
Russell Wilson trade rumors, Carson Wentz, Sliding Scale, Nets' struggles, Fast Break
1h 9min
00:00 How close are the Seahawks to losing Russell Wilson? 13:06 Are the Eagles crazy to think Carson Wentz is worth two first-round picks? 24:15 Sliding Scale 34:56 Is Kyrie’s reasoning for the Nets’ ...
Brady + Belichick, Russell Wilson's frustrations, Carson Wentz, Bucs' RB Ronald Jones joins the show
1h 5min
00:00 Are you buying Brady’s comments that Brady’s 7th Super Bowl was to prove that it wasn’t all about Belichick? 12:56 Report: Russell Wilson’s camp becoming “increasingly frustrated” with Seahawks’ ...
Super Bowl LV recap, Chiefs' loss, Is Brady the GOAT?, Michael Vick joins
1h 4min
00:00 Was Super Bowl LV more about the Chiefs’ loss or the Bucs’ win? 13:39 Did Brady officially end the GOAT debate last night with the win? 25:30 Drawing A Blank 35:21 Michael Vick joins to recap Su ...
Best of Super Bowl Week (Bucs' defense, Mahomes' GOAT status, Brady's dedication, Derrick Henry joins)
48min 26sec
Revisit the BEST segments from Super Bowl week. 00:00 Brian Westbrook on the Bucs' defense. 10:03 Are people too quick to call Mahomes the next GOAT? 22:54 Is Tom Brady the most dedicated athlete ever ...
Super Bowl Special: Interview w/ Derrick Henry
14min 15sec
Ahead of Sunday's matchup between the Chiefs & the Bucs at Super Bowl LV in Tampa, Derrick Henry joins to discuss the Titans' season, whether he believes he deserved MVP, his infamous stiff arm, the C ...
Super Bowl LV: Brandon's Keys to the Game, Over/Under, Michael Vick joins
1h 2min
00:00 Brandon’s Keys to the Game: Super Bowl LV 11:55 Who will win MVP: Brady or Mahomes? 23:30 Over Under: Super Bowl LV 33:05 Michael Vick joins to preview the Super Bowl 42:50 Which under-the-radar ...
Super Bowl Special: Brady’s dedication + Super Bowl Superlatives
11min 18sec
In anticipation of this Sunday’s Super Bowl LV, listen to Nick w/ Colin Cowherd on The Herd discussing whether Tom Brady is the most dedicated athlete ever, then a round of Super Bowl Superlatives. Le ...
Chiefs' game plan, Secret to Stopping Brady, Favre on Deshaun Watson
53min 42sec
00:00 What should the Chiefs game plan be for Super Bowl LV? 11:08 Could Brady be on the verge of back-to-back Super Bowl wins after saying “next year is going to be a lot better”? 22:54 What is the s ...
Super Bowl Special: Brian Westbrook on Patrick Mahomes’ GOAT Status
12min 59sec
In anticipation of Super Bowl LV's matchup between the Chiefs and the Bucs, Brian Westbrook joins to discuss whether people are too quick to call Patrick Mahomes the next GOAT. Learn more about your a ...
Patrick Mahomes' GOAT status, Nick's Most Important Players Pyramid, Nets/Clippers, Devonta Smith + CeeDee Lamb join
1h 7min
00:00 Are people rushing to crown Patrick Mahomes the next GOAT? 11:52 Nick’s Most Important Players Pyramid 22:18 Agree w/ Kittle that the 49ers “can win a Super Bowl” with Jimmy G as QB? 33:40 Was l ...
Super Bowl Special: How should the Bucs' defense prepare for Mahomes?
10min 5sec
In anticipation of Super Bowl LV, listen to this special bonus segment, featuring Super Bowl Firsts, Brian Westbrook's thoughts on the Bucs' defense, and a word from Gronk. Learn more about your ad ch ...
Brady's age, Bucs' defense, Super Bowl Superlatives, Stories to Start Your Morning
54min 48sec
00:00 Buying Brady can play to age 45 and beyond? 12:26 Would it be a mistake for the Bucs’ defense to prepare for Mahomes like they did Rodgers? 22:55 Super Bowl Superlatives 32:52 Agree w/ Danny Ame ...
Wizards/Nets, Goff-Stafford trade, LeBron on Brady, Danny Amendola joins the show
1h 10min
00:00 Did last night’s collapse to the Wizards showcase why the Nets shouldn’t be considered title contenders? 12:32 Do the Rams become instant Super Bowl contenders next season after swapping Goff fo ...
Week's Best (QB Carousel, Nick's NBA Player Pyramid, No Huddle)
37min 20sec
00:00 QB Carousel   11:52 Nick’s NBA Player Pyramid 23:45 No Huddle Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Tom Brady, Kelce + Hill, Deshaun Watson, Jimmy Johnson joins the show, Nick's NBA All-Star ballot, Big Ben
1h 14min
00:00 Are you buying Brady’s claim that his wealth of experience won’t impact Super Bowl LV? 11:00 Can Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill go down as the best receiving duo of all time? 22:44 Is there any te ...
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