Episode 18:  the local radio...rant.

Episode 18: the local radio...rant.

Some of the best punk releases 2020 featured in this episode. A rant about the local music scene, or lack thereof. Shoutout to Radio Free Galaxy podcast as well. Music from Cage the Elephant w/Iggy Pop, Suicide Machines, Drug Church, Bully, Beach Bunny,PUP, and Bacchae.

Episode 17: It's 2021; where did my friends go?
26min 35sec
Here's the first episode of 2021. I discuss how rotten 2020 was, read a few Craig's list missed connections, and recall how many friends and family moved on. Some newer punk tunes/releases from Bad Re ...
Episode 16: A tribute to Richard Cranium, RIP.
9min 12sec
On Dec. 22, 2020 Richard Cranium aka Rob Zeller passed away. This podcast are the highlights from the final episodes we recorded during 2020. He will be missed for a long time. Thanks my dear friend f ...
Best? of 2019? Let's review!
7min 46sec
Here it is! The "highlights" from last years shows. Chuckholes, prenus jokes, Craigslist missed connections ads, and the usual antics from Tad and Richard. Enjoy?
The Best of Richard Cranium, sorta!
8min 37sec
Three years worth of the funniest things Richard ever said on our show including the first flammegenitus joke!
2018 Gag reel! Best of, depending.
12min 30sec
Here it is! Highlights from our plucky little podcast. A few of you have tuned in but obviously don't want to embarrass yourselves by admitting that. Or maybe you secretly like it and don't want anyon ...
Um...best of 2017?
13min 22sec
Here's less than 15 minutes of antics from 2017. Debut of my cousin Phil O'Shite and a guest appearance by Mandy Younce! even some SpongeBob and Mordecai and Rigby cameos and punk rock interludes, of ...
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