How Texas Utilities Ignored Warnings to Protect Profits

How Texas Utilities Ignored Warnings to Prote...

On Today’s Punch Out:TX Utilities Ignored Warnings To Protect Profits,Confederate Statues: 160 Down, 704 to Go, Iran Pushes Back on Biden. 

Minimum Wage Fight Continues in Congress
14min 55sec
On Today’s Punch Out:The Battle Over Living Wages Continues,Congress Looks to Help Lobbyists,Elections in Niger Lead to Protests.
China’s Vaccine Bridge to Africa
12min 39sec
On Today’s Punch OutGrim Truth Behind Wage Gain Stats, China-Africa Vaccine Cooperation, Democrats Defend Gerrymandering.
Exclusive: How Wall Street Rigs Politics
18min 19sec
On Today’s Episode of the Punch Out:Political Corruption in Real Time, Haiti Continues to Resist, Clean Water Crisis in Texas.
Biden’s Iran Misdirection Play
15min 52sec
On Today’s Punch Out:Biden’s Fake Negotiations With Iran, Police Dogs Biting Thousands, Pork Plants: More Dangerous Than Ever. 
$25 billion = Vaccines For The Whole World
12min 25sec
 On Today’s Punch Out:The Low Cost of Vaccinating Everyone, Ongoing Discrimination Against Black Farmers, Cuomo-Gate.
The Truth: Turbines Didn't Cause Texas Blackout
11min 36sec
On Today’s Punch Out:Can't' Blame Clean Energy in TexasEgypt Buys $200 Million in US Missiles Evidence of NYPD Brutality Set To Be Revealed
N95 Mask Shortage: Blame Capitalism
13min 42sec
On Today’s Punch Out:Capitalism’s Fake Mask Shortage, Spain Jails Rapper for Lyrics/Tweets, Israel Blocks Vaccines For Gaza.
New York Times Smears China & WHO
15min 51sec
On Today’s Punch Out:NYT Twists the Truth to Smear China, Haiti Continues to Resist, 2020 Election: Most Expensive Ever. 
At Least 40% of US COVID Deaths Were Avoidable
12min 22sec
On Todays’ Punch Out:Tens of Thousands of People Didn’t Have to Die, A Closer Look At Dire Situation for US Workers, Virginia Moves to Close Death House.
Whatever Happened to the TikTok Ban?
17min 52sec
On Today’s Punch Out:TikTok Ban On Hold, For Now, Myanmar: Protests Continue, US Unveils Sanctions, Texas Death Row Gets Smaller.
Don’t Believe The Lie: Raising the Minimum Wage Won’t Cost Jobs
16min 33sec
On Today’s Punch Out:Exposing Lies About Raising the Minimum Wage, US Subways Have Dangerously Bad Air Quality, Major Oil Spill in California. 
Modi Government Attempts to Silence Progressive Media
13min 58sec
On Today’s Punch Out:Indian Government Cracks Down on Journalists, Haitian People Fight Dictator, US Unemployment Remains Catastrophic. 
From Ecuador to Haiti: Millions Resist Imperialism
17min 1sec
On Today’s Punch Out:Left Wins in Ecuador, Second-round Looms, Corrupt Haitian President Cling to Power, USDA Complicity in Meatpacking COVID Outbreaks. 
US, EU Block Increased Vaccine Production
14min 30sec
On Today’s Punch Out:Rich Countries Put Big Pharma Before People, Stimulus Sells Out Low Wage Workers, Left Poised to Reclaim Ecuadorian Presidency. 
Yemen: End of the War In Sight?
10min 55sec
On Today’s Punch Out:US Signals End of Yemen War Role, Poison in Baby Food, Record Spending By Lobbyists.
General Strike Rocks Haiti
17min 33sec
On Today’s Punch Out:General Strike Shuts Down Haiti, The Truth About “Rising Crime”,Amazon: Wage Thief.
Students Take on Erdogan
11min 58sec
On Today’s Punch Out:Protests Erupt in Defense of Education in Turkey, Pennsylvania Callously Kills Paroled Man, Cancer Alley: Deadly As Ever. 
No End In Sight to Afghan War
18min 37sec
On Today’s Punch Out:The Neverending Afghan Occupation, French Protests Hit Pro-Cop Law, A Coup in Myanmar. 
Democratic “Dealmaking” Is Killing You
10min 25sec
On Today’s Punch Out:Dems Delay Aid Bill, Does Biden Want War with China?, $15/hr Minimum Wage Under Attack in Florida.
UK Gives Spies License to Kill
11min 12sec
On Today’s Punch Out:Get Out of Jail Free Card for UK Spies, Eviction Resistances Continues During Pandemic, Austin Takes from the Cops, Gives to the Homeless.
A Small Step Away From Nuclear War
13min 9sec
On Today’s Punch Out:US-Russia Extend Nuclear Treaty, Big Win for Poultry Workers, Executive Order Symbolism.
Indian Farmers Protest Rolls On
13min 37sec
 On Today’s Punch Out:Indian Farmers Up The Ante, Billionaire Profiteering, Uganda’s Post-Election Turmoil Continues. 
Chicago Teachers Stand Up for Public Health
13min 19sec
On Today’s Punch Out:Chicago Teachers Against COVID, Climate Change Kills, Alexei Navalny Isn’t Who You Think. 
Iran Deal Return in Doubt
11min 48sec
On Today’s Punch Out:Iran Deal Reversal in Jeopardy, COVID Nightmare in LA Jail, How Chicken Companies are Cheating You.
California Faces Massive Water Crisis
11min 56sec
On Today’s Punch Out:California’s Water System Under Stress, France Bombs a Wedding in Mali, Venezuela Rushes Medical Aid to Brazil.
Biden’s Union Busting Bash
14min 9sec
On Today’s Punch Out:Biden Celebrates Inaugural With Union Busters, Baltimore Cops: Not Reformed, Israeli Spies and the Labour Party.
Cops Continue Crackdown on BLM Protests
16min 37sec
On Today’s Punch Out: Phoenix and Pittsburgh Criminalize Protest, Corporations Behind “Stop The Steal”, Mass Protests Rock Tunisia. 
What's In Biden's Stimulus Proposal?
15min 20sec
On Today's Punch Out: What's In Biden's Stimulus Proposal? More Evidence of A Coming Bank Bailout. Contested Election in Uganda. 
Mnuchin’s Secret Slush Fund
12min 54sec
On Today’s Punch Out:Secret Abuse of Pandemic Aid, Ohio Ends Juvenile Life Without Parole, US Promotes Famine in Yemen.
The Healthcare Worker Organizing Wave
10min 29sec
On Today’s Punch Out: Unions Grow Among Healthcare Workers, Big Developments in Flint Water Crisis, Another Biden Cabinet Member Tied to Cop Terror.
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