Episode 40:  Ep. 40 Discover how Riverside County Improves Students’ Success with Data and Education Insights

Episode 40: Ep. 40 Discover how Riverside Co...

Priscilla Grijalva interviews Faye Huie (Research Associate) and Michele Gralak (Senior Business Analyst) for the National Student Clearinghouse. They share information and resources about the National Student Clearinghouse. National Student Clearinghouse: https://www.studentclearinghouse.org/ Audio Edits by Dan Reyes; "Reaching Higher" Song Lyrics and Music by Jessica and Jackie Parry, Vocals by Emily Patterson (2015)

Episode 39: Ep. 39 Best Moments of 2020!
13min 51sec
Priscilla Grijalva and Josh Godinez (President of the California Association of School Counselors) discuss some of the top Reach Higher Riverside moments of 2020. Audio Edits by Dan Reyes; "Reaching H ...
Episode 38: Ep. 38 Dr. Carl Cohn
32min 6sec
Priscilla Grijalva interviews Dr. Carl Cohn. Dr. Cohn is a professor emeritus at Claremont Graduate University. From 2011 through 2018, he served the state of California as a state board of education ...
Episode 37: Ep. 37 FAFSA Tracker
22min 5sec
Priscilla Grijalva interviews Bill DeBaun from the National College Attainment Network (NCAN). We discuss the Form Your Future FAFSA Tracker and some of the amazing NCAN resources. FAFSA Tracker: http ...
Episode 36: Ep. 36 Celebrating College Kick-Off
31min 3sec
Priscilla Grijalva interviews Steven Avina (Palm Springs High School Counselor, PSUSD) and Katie Ermert (Lasselle Elementary School Principal, VVUSD). Steven shares tips on how to bridge the gap with ...
Episode 35: Ep. 35 Story2
43min 19sec
Priscilla Grijalva interviews Dr. Carol Barash, Story2 Founder and CEO. We discuss the amazing scholarship and college essay platform that helps students write powerful essays while sharing their stor ...
Episode 34: Ep. 34 My School Votes California
22min 24sec
Priscilla Grijalva interviews Deja Summerville and Addison Lee (When We All Vote Ambassador Fellows). We discuss the My School Votes program that serves as a space for students who are interested in w ...
Episode 33: Ep. 33 Sunshine Spotlight
3min 10sec
Priscilla Grijalva shares her 3 minute brief summary of what it is like as an educator during a pandemic.
Episode 32: Ep. 32 SwiftStudents
19min 33sec
Priscilla Grijalva interviews Abigail Seldin, CEO & Co-Founder of Selding/Haring-Smith Foundation (SHSF). We discuss SwiftStudents, a FREE tool educators can use to help guide high school seniors with ...
Episode 31: Ep. 31 Proactive School Counseling: Black Lives Matter
1h 4min
Priscilla Grijalva interviews Derek Francis, Manager of Counseling Services, Office of College and Career Readiness for Minneapolis Public Schools. We discuss anti-racism school counseling and how to ...
Episode 30: Ep. 30 Three Professional Organizations Every School Counselor Should Join!
1h 11min
Priscilla Grijalva interviews the professional organizations CASC, ASCA, and WACAC. Interviews with Josh Godinez (CASC President-Elect) and Ashley Kruger (CASC President); Jill Cook (ASCA Assistant Di ...
Episode 29: Ep. 29 College Resources for Educators
19min 43sec
Eric Waldo, Executive Director of Reach Higher shares about College Signing Day. Priscilla Grijalva Interviews Ricky Cherry, College Board Assistant Director K – 12 for State & District Partnerships. ...
Episode 28: Ep. 28 Chuck Kennedy: Tales of a Presidential Photographer
22min 59sec
Priscilla Grijalva interviews Chuck Kennedy who was the former White House Photographer and the Assistant Director of the White House Photo Office for President Barack Obama from 2009-2017. We discuss ...
Episode 27: Ep. 27 A Message of Hope from Italy
29min 56sec
Priscilla Grijalva interviews Natalie Canova (La Sierra High School in Alvord Unified School District Class of 2014 and University of California Riverside Graduate). She also interviews Ilaria Carofig ...
Episode 26: Ep. 26 Census 2020
13min 52sec
Priscilla Grijalva interviews Samuel Molina, California State Director of Mi Familia Vota. We discuss the census and the importance of it. A few shout outs to Deja from Norte Vista High School (Alvord ...
Episode 25: Ep. 25 Equity in School Counseling: from Athletes to Social Emotional Needs
34min 33sec
Priscilla Grijalva interviews Dr. Yuri Nava (Poly High School Counselor, Riverside Unified School District) and Eric Sanchez (Vista Del Lago High School Counselor, Moreno Valley Unified School Distric ...
Episode 24: Ep. 24 Louisiana Believes
18min 49sec
Priscilla Grijalva interviews Barrye Bailey from the Louisiana Department of Education. They discuss college affordability and financial aid. The state of Louisiana has FAFSA as a high school graduati ...
Episode 23: Ep. 23 TN Achieves
18min 31sec
Priscilla Grijalva interviews Graham Thomas, Tennessee Achieves Deputy Director of Outreach. TN Achieves is a leader in the nation for college affordability and FAFSA completion efforts. TN Achieves r ...
Episode 22: "When We All Vote" Song
1min 7sec
"When We All Vote" Song Music and Lyrics by Jessica Parry and Jackie Parry of Dianthus (2019). Dianthus: https://www.dianthuslive.com/ When We All Vote: https://www.whenweallvote.org/
Episode 21: Ep. 21 Making College Affordable
31min 53sec
Priscilla Grijalva interviews Lupita Cortez Alcala, Chief Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction of the California Department of Education. Lupita shares her amazing journey and why making colleg ...
Episode 20: Ep. 20 All in for Financial Aid!
28min 4sec
Priscilla Grijalva and Dan Reyes open October financial aid season with amazing guests! Priscilla interviews Jon Waldrep from the California Student Aid Commission Training and Outreach Programs. Othe ...
Episode 19: Ep. 19 Beating the Odds Summit
43min 55sec
Priscilla Grijalva and Dan Reyes interview Stephanie Sprow Owens (Director of Programming for Reach Higher at the Common App) and Merone Hailemeskel (Director of Communications for Reach Higher at the ...
Episode 18: "Race to Submit" Song
1min 33sec
Song: "Race to Submit" Artist, Producer and Verses by: BuddIE (2019); Production: Versus Song Lyrics: It’s the race to submit, c’mon you gotta reach higher. Hop behind the wheel cuz now you are the dr ...
Episode 17: Ep. 17 When We All Vote
22min 6sec
Priscilla Grijalva and Dan Reyes interview Andrew Amore, Director of Educator Engagement from When We All Vote. "Reaching Higher" Song Lyrics and Music by: Jessica and Jackie Parry, Vocals by Emily Pa ...
Episode 16: Ep. 16 Becoming the Future!
51min 22sec
Priscilla and Dan interview former NVHS students who met Michelle Obama and former NVHS Reach Higher Commissioner of Club. We recap the I Am Becoming Tour and UCLA College Signing Day as well as when ...
Episode 15: Ep. 15 Dreams Come True!
40min 22sec
Priscilla Grijalva and Dan Reyes recap College Signing Day at UCLA with Michelle Obama! KGGI 99.1 Radio interviews Norte Vista H.S. and two students from Riverside get to be on stage with Michelle Oba ...
Episode 14: Ep. 14 RAMP Up Your Program!
32min 0sec
Priscilla Grijalva and Dan Reyes share some very exciting Reach Higher news! Priscilla interviews some members of the Santiago High School Counseling Team in Corona Norco Unified School District featu ...
Episode 13: Ep. 13 Kick Off to College!
29min 11sec
Priscilla Grijalva and Dan Reyes interview Julie Zierold (Director of Curriculum & Instruction) and Melina Gonzalez (Heritage High School Counselor) from Perris Union High School District. They discus ...
Episode 12: Ep. 12 In It to "Win" It!
31min 9sec
Priscilla Grijalva and Dan Reyes recap the week. Priscilla interviews Ngozi Olojede (Scholly Scholarship Marketing Manager) and Josh Godinez (2019 California School Counselor of the Year). "Reaching H ...
Episode 11: Ep. 11 California College Guidance Initiative
37min 46sec
Priscilla Grijalva and Dan Reyes interview Dr. Kedziora (Superintendent of Moreno Valley Unified School District), Kristen Hunter (MVUSD Director of College and Career Ready), and Esperanza Arce (MVUS ...
Episode 10: Ep. 10 Fly in the Face of Adversity
24min 7sec
Priscilla Grijalva interviews Mark Lim, a school counselor at Ramona High School in Riverside Unified School District. They discuss counselor fly-in programs, scholarships, and out of state colleges. ...
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