The science behind England’s Covid exit plan – podcast

The science behind England’s Covid exit plan ...

Nicola Davis runs through the science behind the government’s decision to begin lifting lockdown restrictions, a four-stage plan that starts with the reopening of schools and could see the return of nightclubs on 21 June. Help support our independent journalism at

Is this the worst year ever for the UK music industry?
29min 44sec
Guardian music writer Laura Snapes, singer-songwriter Arlo Parks and musician Nitin Sawhney discuss the impact that Covid, Brexit and the ‘streaming economy’ are having on the sector. Help support our ...
No sex please, we're British. Dating in a pandemic
29min 49sec
Lockdown rules have left little opportunity for people who aren’t already living with a partner to pursue romantic relationships, explains Zoe Williams. Help support our independent journalism at theg ...
Freshwater part 5: the appeal
45min 26sec
Today, the Freshwater Five case is in front of the court of appeal after the disclosure of new evidence that the defence says points to the men’s conviction being unsafe. Why has it taken a decade to ...
Freshwater part 4: radar
47min 7sec
When the Freshwater Five’s lawyer, Emily Bolton, found new evidence not disclosed at the men’s trial, it set her on a path to the court of appeal and another version of events that adds weight to thei ...
Freshwater part 3: the clifftop evidence
37min 36sec
A major part of the evidence against the Freshwater Five came from the clifftop above Freshwater Bay. It was there that police saw bags being thrown from the men’s boat. But the defence still have que ...
Freshwater part 2: the circumstantial evidence
50min 6sec
In the second part of Freshwater, Anushka Asthana examines the circumstantial evidence presented at trial against the Freshwater Five including a series of phone calls from sea and why a man with no p ...
Freshwater part 1: are the wrong men in jail?
44min 56sec
In 2011, five men were sentenced to a total of 104 years for conspiracy to import £53m worth of cocaine. They have always said they are innocent. Now, as new evidence is due to be put before the court ...
Catherine Flowers and her fight for environmental justice in Alabama
23min 39sec
In parts of the American south, many homes don’t have access to working waste treatment – something activist Catherine Flowers is fighting to change. Help support our independent journalism at theguar ...
Inside Napier: the former army barracks housing asylum seekers
28min 43sec
The Guardian’s home affairs correspondent, Jamie Grierson, discusses the government’s decision to use two former army barracks, Napier and Penally, to house up to 600 vulnerable asylum seekers. Amid a ...
Why are farmers protesting against the Indian government?
25min 32sec
The Guardian’s south Asia correspondent and the founder of a sustainable farming movement explain why farmers are so angry. Help support our independent journalism at
It's a Sin: a nurse reflects on the Aids crisis of the 80s
30min 20sec
Channel 4/HBO Max’s new drama It’s a Sin, written by Russell T Davies, follows a group of friends living through the 1980s Aids crisis. Leigh Chislett worked as a HIV nurse at St Mary’s hospital in Lo ...
Covid-19 variants and what they mean for vaccines
23min 45sec
The Guardian’s health editor, Sarah Boseley, looks at why variants of the Covid-19 virus are alarming scientists. Help support our independent journalism at
The coup in Myanmar and a fight for democracy
29min 51sec
A military coup in Myanmar has removed civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi and sent tens of thousands of protesters onto the streets. Rebecca Ratcliffe describes how the country risks turning back the cl ...
How the Queen lobbied for changes in the law to hide her wealth
31min 34sec
Government memos discovered in the National Archives reveal that the Queen lobbied ministers to alter proposed legislation. The Guardian’s David Pegg follows the trail and explains its implications fo ...
Alexei Navalny’s imprisonment: how Putin put his opponent behind bars
27min 5sec
The sentencing of opposition leader Alexei Navalny marks a dramatic turning point in Russian politics, says Andrew Roth. Help support our independent journalism at
Inside the trial against the 'Ndrangheta - Italy's biggest mafia syndicate
27min 33sec
Guardian journalists Lorenzo Tondo and Clare Longrigg discuss the trial against the ‘Ndrangheta, the largest mafia trial in three decades. At the centre is Emanuele Mancuso, son of boss Luni Mancuso, ...
Donald Trump's second impeachment: will the Senate convict him?
35min 14sec
Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial begins in the Senate next week. Lawrence Douglas explains the process and politics of the spectacle ahead. Help support our independent journalism at theguardia ...
Wall Street versus the Redditors: the GameStop goldrush
26min 52sec
When a group of amateur investors on a Reddit messageboard began buying up stock in a video games retailer it forced huge losses on major Wall Street hedge funds that had bet against it. But following ...
How the EU’s vaccine effort turned into a crisis
30min 31sec
Daniel Boffey, the Guardian’s Brussels bureau chief, looks at why the EU’s vaccination programme has become so chaotic. Last Friday the commission attempted an ill-fated plan to seek to erect a vaccin ...
Inside LA’s Covid crisis – podcast
30min 39sec
Guardian US correspondent Sam Levine visits Martin Luther King Jr community hospital in Los Angeles county, an area battling one of the worst Covid outbreaks in the US. Help support our independent jo ...
Conversations with kids about coronavirus
36min 16sec
Children across the UK talk about how the pandemic has affected their lives. Help support our independent journalism at
What's up with WhatsApp?
22min 20sec
A routine update to WhatsApp’s privacy policy resulted in a public relations fiasco earlier this month, when viral posts questioning the changes prompted users to try out alternative apps. Kate O’Flah ...
Why Brazilians are having to take the Covid crisis into their own hands
27min 42sec
Tom Phillips, the Guardian’s Latin America correspondent, looks at the surge of infections in the Brazilian state of Amazonas that has left many hospitals without the most basic supplies and has promp ...
Behind closed doors: Filipina workers trapped by the pandemic
28min 17sec
Journalist Corinne Redfern discusses the impact the pandemic has had on the Filipino women trapped overseas, including Mimi (not her real name) who works for a wealthy family in London for just £5 an ...
Vaccine hesitancy: what is behind the fears circulating in BAME communities?
30min 14sec
Several national surveys suggest people from black, Asian and minority backgrounds are far more likely to reject having the Covid-19 vaccine than their white counterparts. Nazia Parveen and Annabel So ...
The fight for recovery from a lifelong eating disorder
27min 58sec
The Guardian’s Jenny Stevens struggled with an eating disorder throughout her 20s. When she was able to finally access the treatment she needed, she began a slow recovery – which she is still coming t ...
Surviving cardiac arrest: what it's like to come back to life
35min 1sec
Last year the Guardian’s Jonathan Watts underwent a lifesaving operation following a cardiac arrest. He tells Anushka Asthana what it taught him about life and death. Help support our independent jour ...
Why is Sex and the City coming back to our screens?
28min 7sec
Guardian columnist Hadley Freeman discusses why Sex and the City was such a successful TV series, while the Guardian’s deputy television editor, Hannah J Davies, looks at what the reboot tells us abou ...
The end of Trump: where will the Biden era take America?
26min 0sec
Guardian US columnist Robert Reich reflects on the unfinished business of the Trump presidency, and what Biden’s administration should aim to accomplish. Help support our independent journalism at the ...
Is bitcoin a scam?
26min 17sec
In 2013 James Howells threw out a computer hard drive containing bitcoin. Last week he again asked his local council for permission to dig for it at his local dump as he believes it is now worth about ...
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