Legal Grounds | Allison Stewart

Legal Grounds | Allison Stewart

I think it’s fair to say that positivity is a little harder to come by nowadays. And if the entire legal field had shifted only 4 years into my legal career, I could confidently say I would have been completely overwhelmed. That’s why my guest this week, Allison Stewart, is something of a rockstar in my book.Now a 5-Year Associate at the world-renowned law firm, Greenberg Traurig, Allison focuses her practice on financial services, technology & healthcare. But her body of expertise is growing by the day. But even before she began practicing law, Allison had established her presence in the field as a National Champion of Duberstein Bankruptcy Moot Court Competition, an editor of the SMU Law Review, and a Board Member of the Order of Barristers.As if that wasn’t enough, she is also the creator & host of the Podcast, Women in Law – On The Record, which aims to lift up women at every stage of their lives & legal careers. And in a happy surprise, she also turned out to be a fellow NPR Nerd… Enjoy the show! 

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More often than not, it seems that the people I meet who truly love what they do will say something along the lines of, “I didn’t choose this career, the career chose me.”My guest this week fits that ...
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Well folks, we made it… 2021 will be here before many of you even get a chance to listen to this episode, & if I’m being honest, not a lot may have changed in terms of the “big-picture”.Still, this ye ...
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When I first began my legal career, there was an entire over-night department of typists who took our notes & dictation & transcribed them on ‘word processors’ for us to review before finalizing them. ...
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When I started this Podcast, I was nostalgic for the days of diner coffee & deep conversation with friends in one of the booths at Lucky’s Café here in Dallas. And it’s that spirit of community, hones ...
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Seinfeld has a great bit & an even better episode about making friends in your thirties. The joke hinges on the fact that you don’t. Or as Seinfeld puts it: “Sorry, we’re not interviewing anyone for a ...
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John Esparza’s family has been in the transportation industry since calculating horsepower simply meant counting the number of horses in front of your cart.  A sixth-generation Texan, John went into p ...
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If his name sounds familiar, you most likely know Bishop Mark Seitz from the headlines about the El Paso Bishop who personal escorted asylum seekers across the border or knelt in solidarity with Black ...
Legal Grounds | Barbara Elias
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Some of the best legal minds I have ever worked with don’t have a J.D. Paralegals are the unsung heroes of the legal profession & too often, they are thought of by the general-public as serving a pure ...
Legal Grounds | Prof. Vincent Johnson
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After 4 years in the ROTC, I thought I’d pretty much run the gambit on being dressed down in front of my colleagues. Then I had the honor of studying Tort Law under Professor Vincent R. Johnson at St. ...
Legal Grounds | Ed Perdue
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My guest this week brought to mind one of my favorite lines Shakespeare:“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players; they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in hi ...
Legal Grounds | Cal Walters
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The most exciting thing I remember about 8th Grade are the nights my mom & dad left me at home long enough for me to eat 3 ‘Hungry Man’ T.V. Dinners…  But for Maj. Cal Walters, that transition to high ...
Legal Grounds | John Gronski
1h 1min
Anyone who had listened to the show knows I’m a fan of colloquial – sometimes cliché – phrasing. That being said, when I tell you that my latest guest has been to hell & back, I’m not sure if that str ...
Legal Grounds | Greg Washington
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Sometimes you meet someone new & the conversation fires on all cylinders; it’s a rare experience, but I can honestly say that’s what it was like to talk to Greg Washington. Greg is the founder of the ...
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In 2018, I was attending the annual DRI (Defense Research Institute) conference when I first heard Joe Fried speak... Joe was an unusual speaker for the conference. In a room full of Defense Lawyers, ...
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Few books have reshaped my thinking over the past 6 years as much as Greg McKeown’s New York Times Bestseller, “Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less”.In fact, it had such an impact that last ...
Legal Grounds | Fr. Joe Tetlow
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This week’s episode could best be considered as a pour-over brew, but I think it’s worth the time. I got to sit down with one of my long-time mentors, Fr. Joe Tetlow. For over 73 years, Fr. Joe Tetlow ...
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Ever ask someone what they do for a living & their initial answer is, “That’s a little complicated...” ???In this latest episode, Mike talks with nationally known Clinical Neuropsychologist & Jury Con ...
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