What Dan Harmon learned from Community & Rick and Morty

What Dan Harmon learned from Community & Rick...

Stephen Colbert hopes to keep going (Plus Matt Berry Sunday)

Stephen Colbert thinks he could hose The Late Show for another 10 years.Robin Williams' son Zak talks about his dad's late in life struggles.A look at the trailer for What We Do In The Shadows Season 3Johnny Mac breaks out a half-ass Matt Berry impression.  

Bert Kreischer gets ready for The Machine Movie!

Bert Kreischer is making a movie version of The Machine....and Mark Hamill plays his dad!And of course, George Lopez Tacos.  

Sopranos Monopoly? Sopranos Monpoly!

Before we get to Sopranos Monopoly..Jackie Mason got banned from Ed SullivanThe Comedy Store has a record label now.JFL New Faces: Canadians!Ted Lasso stuff.and the tragic origin story of George Lopez Tacos  

The Office's B.J, Novak has a new comedy series

B.J. Novak (The Office) has a new FX show called The PremiseNeal Brennan has an off-Broadway showTrevor Moore on classic Letterman and not seen Ghosbusters until he was 35.A look at Just For Laughs' New Faces Characters where everyone seems to be an actor/writer/producer.And yes. ...   Show more

Conspiracies: Bob's Burgers and George Lopez Tacos

Matt Braunger, Megan Gailey, Chris Garcia, , Sean Patton, Ian Karmel, and Shane Torres will appear the High Plains Comedy Festival.The Simpsons will do an all-musical episode for the Season 33 premiere,Bob's Burgers made up some excuses why it can't crossover with Great North, bu ...   Show more

Did Bob's Burgers just admit to us that it doesn't exist?

John Mulaney officially filed for divorce. Have you ever seen Bob's Burgers? Met anyone who has? Now the movie has no date, and no clips.Just For Laughs announced their New Faces, a look a Group 1.  

Why Tig Notato animated her special (PLUS George Lopez Tacos!)

Tig Notaro on why she animated her special.George Lopez reveals THE SECRET to a great tacoJimmy Dore said something about Democrats whateverChicago's iO Theater is NOT closing woo-hoo!  

Jimmy Carr has already told the joke that will get him cancelled

Jimmy Carr knows its only a matter of time until someone digs through his old material.Dan Harmon wants to make sure Rick and Morty never has a message.Henry Winkler's grandson Ace dressed up as The FonzAnd no Rob Riggle has not had a bad career.  

Since John Mulaney is married, what about John Mulaney's wife?

Let's see how John Mulaney's wife is handling all this Olivia Munn stuff. Yes I said Olivia Nun a few times, I am an idiiot.How Jim Belushi (cool guy) wound up on Saturday Night Live.You should watch Leatherkenny.  

This week's top comedian? Tom Brady!

Tom Brady had some great material at his White House visit.Ted Lasso is back.Half-ass impressions return.And a look at YOUR favorite comedians,  

Bill Burr tears into CNN

Oh my, Bill Burr had some very harsh words about CNN and them talking about Trump.Stephen Colbert teased a return to Comedy CentralTom Jones joins the cast of James Corden's sitcomLas Vegas had Bill Maher day.Rodney Ramseey peforms aa Just For Laughs tonight.  

Dan Harmon on the Community Movie (#sixseasonsandamovie)

Dan Harmon has given a lot of thought to the Community movie and it's very interesting.Netflix has a bot writing jokes. Johnny Mac breaks out his half-assed Jeff Foxworthy impression to perform them.  

John Mulaney announces new tour dates

Should Bill Cosby receive "millions" of dollars for his time in jail?Did Kristen Schaal admit Bob's Burgers isn't real?John Mulaney announced new tour dates including a whole bunch in Boston,Gabriel Iglesias tested positive for Covid despite being vaccinated.Comics in Madison are ...   Show more

The power of Joe Rogan

The New York Times did a lengthy look at the influence Joe Rogan has over comedy.Kristin Schall talks about her job in the candy department at FAO Schwarz  

How The Office changed comedy

The Guardian looked at how The Office (UK) changed comedy.Corporations know that people really do care about animals and don’t want them to be mistreated - and Myq Kaplan is the face of an ad campaign.Kathleen Madigan plans to continue her podcast.  

Why Tom Segura is in a cast (again)

James Gandolfini almost took over for Steve Carrell on The Office!Why is Mindy Kaling pretending she's not Generation X? Mindy, you're Gen X.Cristela Alonzo will host a reboot of Legends Of The Hidden Temple.Gabriel Iglesias stopped by a diner.It's totally not George Lopez's faul ...   Show more

Backlash for booking Louis C.K. plus Ice-T on Chappelle's Show Player Haters

Ice-T explains what a player hater is.Louis C.K.'s shows in Madison get a mixed reception.Staffers at a club in the UK are threatened after canceling a show.Roku launched a late night talk show for some reason.Marlon Wayans will have an HBO Max specialThe Great Outdoors Comedy Fe ...   Show more

Is Brian Regan the comedian's comedian?

Late Night is back, thankfully.Is Brian Regan the comedian's comedian?The Emmy Nominations are out.Best Comedy“black-ish” (ABC)Cobra Kai (Netflix)“Emily in Paris” (Netflix)“Hacks” (HBO Max)“The Flight Attendant” (HBO Max)“The Kominsky Method” (Netflix)“PEN15” (Hulu)“Ted Lasso” (N ...   Show more

Ricky Gervais on if The Office would be canceled now

A comedian said stupid stuff about footballers.Ricky Gervais discusses Cancel Culture vs. The OfficeJim Jeffries NBC sitcom is not happening, and isn't that a good thing?Pete Lee's special gets a good reviewWhy aren't LA comedy clubs booking women?Does Kumail Nanjiani still do co ...   Show more

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