L'entrée de Madame Mariposa (Luma Mariposa's Theme I)

L'entrée de Madame Mariposa (Luma Mariposa's ...

a dream built for two (Ayumii's BGM)
fatal anomaly (a theme for Cecile)
the shrine in the rain (Ghoul's BGM) (feat. Soul Candle)
early spring wind (JaWaffle's BGM)
one that flew over the cuckoo's hive (Luma Mariposa's Theme II)
the hive at night (Luma Mariposa's Lullaby)
minty fresh (Minty Melon's Theme I)
one more round! (Minty Melon's BGM)
we didn't know we were making memories (Minty Melon's Theme II)
our future (in the starlight) [Mystic Stars' Theme]
feline comfy (Nanasae's BGM)
lady of the letters (Origommy's BGM)
the castle on the moor (Queen Ophilia III's Theme)
the golden fleece (Suuga's BGM)
I'm an angel, arent I? (Tane Tenshi's Theme)
the sea at night (Umiko Shui's BGM)
Pale, Blue Epiphany (Xinebi Ven's Theme)
lightyears of love (Xinebi Ven's BGM)
even in my dreams... (Yume's Theme)
higher than the sun (Ywuria's Theme)
counting sheep! (Yuumi's BGM)
over the hills & under the rainbow (KiraKira LIVE's Theme)
(V-Side #1) after midnight
(V-Side #2) dreaming_of_screaming_
(V-Side #3) idol days
(V-Side #4) the red string of fate
(V-Side #5) the morning sun
I'm an angel, arent I? (Piano Only1) [BONUS TRACK]
even in my dreams... (Piano Only2) [BONUS TRACK]
counting sheep! (No Orchestra) [BONUS TRACK]